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  • "In ancient times a distinction was made between a substance that increased fertility versus one that simply increased sex drive. One of the key issues in early times was nutrition. Food was not so readily available as it is today. Undernourishment creates a loss of libido as well as reduces fertility rates. Substances that "by nature" represent "seed or semen" such as bulbs, eggs, snails" were considered inherently to have sexual powers. Other types of foods were considered stimulating by their "physical resemblance to genitalia" It's important to realize these food substances were identified (documented) by the likes of Pliny and Dioscordes (ancient Greeks) first century AD and later by Paul of Aegina from the seventh century. Later more credence was given to foods that "satisfied dietary gratification". Other foods deemed to have these aphrodisiac qualities were derived from mythology. Aphrodite, the love goddess was said to consider "sparrows" sacred because of their "amorous nature" and for that reason were included in various aphrodisiac brews... " For the rest of a very intersying article go to - Personally, a sense of humor and romance work wonders too.
  • The ones that work are the ones that you believe in. I remember when my brother-in-law worked in the Middle-east and brought pistachio nuts (which I had never heard of) back with him. He warned me that they were a really good aphrodisiac and I believed him, so they were.
  • The scent of woman.
  • A good night's rest!
  • chocolate and pheramones
  • His scent
  • is being nude an aphrodisiac ?
  • This is why i disappear from answerbags months at of time...are the people working for them blind??? they mark question a duplicate for this one...similar question but not the same....this one is more general...and mine is more!? totally different What aphrodisiac works for you?
  • Certain seafood like mussels or oysters.
  • From what I have learned seems to be very personal - what works for some people does not for others - as well as psychological. Some couples have favorite foods or meals they have learned from experience with each other to associate with sex and romance and that become part of their thing. General overall good health is important to good sex and a lot of what people have labelled over the centuries "aphrodisiacs" have been things that just promote that or restore balance in our bodies. Because sex when we are in good health we respond to sex. Seems more men are into talking about and investigating this area than we are and most of what I have heard about this has been from men. Some traditional foods with an aphrodisiac reputation seem to promote the stimulation of male hormones in the body which lead to more desire for sex - actually in us as well as men. Including things like oysters, eggs, clams, mussels, lean cuts of meat, the ginseng root, etc. Other foods help clear up the blockages in our bodies, particularly around the sex chakra so our energy flows more naturally. I'm thinking of things like celery, asparagus, onions, okra, tropical fruits and the like in this category. Especially if we have deadened our natural bodily feelings through overconsumption of cheese, dairy, products, eggs, and meat. But if someone is in better health these same foods can have the effect of depressing the sex drive. Still others increase our heart rate and blood flow like basil, garlic, ginger, other aromatic herbs. A man once told me that walking in bare feet on dewy grass in the early morning tonified our sex organs. I think he got this from Chinese medicine. Chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac - ugh I can't imagine that! Then there are various drugs mostly guys use to enhance their penis erections or performance. These I think stimulate hormones in their bodies that increase blood flow to their penis. They certainly work doing this - I once spent a weekend as a guest of three couples who live about a half hour from me. All the guys - in their 40s - took Cialis and they certainly did an admirable job of taking care of all four of us! I would guess the increased popularity of drugs such as Cialis, Levitra, Viagra etc. is very much related to the continuing desire among active women of my generation that is mid and later baby boomers. And of course to men's ego! But I would never ask my husband to take such things as I have read about the bad side effects they can have - they are harmful to a man's general health. For me what works best, and this has always been true, is being with a man who wants me and is willing to do the dance of attraction and I guess you would call it seduction though once it starts I get pretty ready without much dancing! That is the greatest and most effective aphrodisiac.

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