• $15 or $20
  • i pay $17 k in premiums a year. co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles of about $4 k a year. my insurance company negotiates prices but reports to me that they pay about $39 k a year. so, that's $1,750 a month that i pay and $3,250 that they pay.
  • My medicine cost per month comes to the equivalent of US$20.00. Mind you this includes my diabetes pills. Your expenses seems to be very much on the high side!
  • About $150
  • Zero. I have the good fortune to live in a country with a highly efficient and effective healthcare system funded by taxation and I am old enough to receive free prescriptions should I need them - fortunately I don't at the moment.
  • It looks like your president's wish to reform health care may be a great help to you. Hope it is,if it comes to pass. Canada has a public health care system that is less than perfect but is socialy inspired not as capital inspired,so we feel for each other rather than look for a profit in all we do. We have a local budget for medical care which limits the number of people which can make a living in the medical care industries though,which is a major negative.No Dr is some areas.
  • On average none. I go to the doctor twice a year and have a $20 copay.
  • normally i spend nothing. i have been pretty healthy and do not take regular medicine. although i have spent alot the last few months due to a surgery. but that is over now and i am not on any long term medication.
  • Over the past year, monthly average for health care $13. Prescriptions $1.
  • mistakenly answered again
  • Nothing at all and I'm a cancer patient. I do have some expenses like gas and parking though. That count?
  • I guess if I averaged it out maybe $2 a month. I attribute much of that to being an active vegetarian.
  • All health care and rx meds are free here. England they pay for rx meds @ about $9 per item( scripts are usually for 2 or three months) unless you have a chronic listed condition such as diabetes when it is all free. We do have to pay dental and optician costs but these are subsidised and some pay nothing. it is all free for those in full time education. Sight test is $27 or thereabouts unless you are over 40 and have glaucoma in a near relative when it is free.
  • About zero. . When not counting the rare dentist visits.
  • In Australia our healthcare is free through the public hospital, scans, tests etc...medications are subsidised depending on you income... I'm sorry you are not well and you no so much it possible to try alternative therapies...?
  • I buy all mine on the black market to skip the doctor's fees, taxes, etc.. I've been known to spend $400 on "medication" for me and the old lady in one night... Pain pills (or powder) is the biggest expense. I take pain medication every 4 hours. Through legal channels it'd be $200 a month, just for that. I pay $50. The healthcare system in America is broken, for profit. Sick.
  • probably over $500
  • $0. nobody needs health care really. just do it yourself, and if your really messed up just die a natural death and go out with your pride, not hooked up to a bunch of tubes and whatnot.
  • I am currently going without. The last time I had insurance which I purchased for myself I had kidney stones and the insurance wouldn't cover it because I had kidney stones about 10 years prior, before I got the insurance I had. I had been paying around $400 monthly like clockwork and then couldn't use it when I needed it. I figure unless you get your insurance through a large corporation job or government job, it is just a roll of the dice whether the insurance you buy is any good or not.
  • feel pity for that amount.. this month i spend none.. honestly
  • Icy, I'm glad you shared. Now your friends know and pray and send good thoughts. We came so close to losing you. I've been angry I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 with the rest of my stuff. If I could break the circle, the doctor said it could go away, and the rest would be nothing. Ask what we can give. I have to charge over $500/mo with food stamps and state disability (I worked 15 years) that doesn't pay mortgage. If ss comes thru, I could eventually pay and keep decent credit and keep house. . But no heart attacks/stroke or cancer. My big career plans are all smashed. Education and experience do not help now. . So my dear friend, your life means more than all this lack of money. Take care of only you and love and prayers are coming your way via angels. I hope you can feel them. Love, bd +5
  • We pay 12$ per vivit, and o for perscriptions.

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