• we only drink diet, and the way i understood it, teh tax was only goin to effect the regular sodas. so no it dosnet change my shopping habbits. ice tea is our non-alcohol choice.
  • Old English 800 (7.5% alc.). $1.29 for a 24oz.
  • I rarely buy them now....water is cheaper, especially with the dentist.
  • LoL. I dont drink pop anyways unless its like maybe 1 a week...if that, and its only half a bottle. Gross... And diet only makes people hungrier than they would be if they drank regular pop, and it f*x your head up and gives people headaches. ASPERTAME* only like the worst thing you be drinking as part of your "diet". Cheaper than soda?? - Juice, v-8 juice, green, cheaper, plus youll be alot healthier without shuving spoonfuls of sugar in your mouth at a time.
  • It's poison. It's a ripoff. Just leave it on the shelf. If you need to drink something with flavor, switch to 100% fruit juice like cranberry or orange. At least that has enough antioxidants and beneficial natural compounds to justify the calories. It has to be 100% though, or it's loaded with sugar and just as miserable for you as soda is. And don't even think of sucking down diet soda. That stuff is a chemical shit storm.
  • Water.
  • I rarely drink soda and already pay tax on my beer. Sooner or later everything will be taxed or have a fee attached to it (wink, wink, that's government code for tax so dumb ole regular people won't know their being taxed more).
  • Depends. How much is the tax?
  • I don't waste my money on sodas. When I'm thirsty I drink water.

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