• it's all falling together. 12/21 at 12:21:12 in 2012 must be it. buy me stock in 12/21 stock and sell my Y2 virus stock.
  • The world will end when god wants it to.Though he shall show a sign that the world will end UP IN THE CLOUDS.
  • Not really no. The writers of the Bible were well aware of the 20:12 date.
  • i had a look in the king james version, all it said was something about a books, no mention of judgement day
  • Lmao. Since this is 2018 one can assume this is a VERY OLD RECYCLED question and that we all survived a nonjudgement day event?
    • mushroom
      Just as we survived the Y2K nonevent. Oh, wait, I remember it now: I had to change the date on my PC on 1/1 from 1900 to 2000. Problem solved.
    • Mircat
      There were 2 death dates in 2012. We survived a both. We've survived a piece of space garbage that NASA KNEW was going to kill us but kept a secret. There will be more. The conspiracy theorists are a happy group of death date gossips.
  • Yes last I checked today it was 4/5/2018. I think we received an extension. LOL
  • Considering it is 2021, and for the 3,947272nd time the xtian biblical prediction of it's much beloved JUDGEMENT DAY has failed miserably to happen, I hereby nominate this as conclusive scientific proof that the bible in general, and the xtian religion specifically, is full of crap, and in desperate need of an enema!
  • thew more of the new testament I read the less respect I have for any churchie or religion. Its a crock ofshit. Designed to influence sheep. Its 2021 by the way the prediction didn't happen. But a churchie is to ignorant to overcome stupidity.

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