• I love baked white fish, and this recipe works well for Roughy. Requires: Roughy fillets Mayo or Miracle whip Salt Pepper Paprika Butter plain or Italian flavored bread crumbs First, starting with thawed or fresh fish fillets, soak it in a bath of 2 cups of lukewarm water and 2 tablespoons of salt for 15 minutes. When done, rinse the fish and dry it thoroughly. Set your oven to 350 and let it heat completely. Take a flat pan and brush melted butter on a large enough area to hold your fish fillets. Place the fillets on the pan, sprinkle a little pepper on them (but NO salt) and then use a spatula to coat the top with mayonaise. (If you prefer the finish to be a little sweet you can use 'miracle whip' instead, but that's not to my taste.) After coating the top of the fish with mayo, sprinkle some plain or Italian flavored bread crumbs on top, even lightly patting a few on. Sprinkle a little Paprika on for color and taste. Bake according to "The Canadian Cooking Theory", which is "15 minutes of cooking at the proper temperture for each inch of thickness at the thickest part."., but add 3 minutes for a light colored pan. Do NOT turn the fish.
  • I like baking it in canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper. It comes out very moist and delicious. I serve mine with some kind of rice.
  • Grill it or roast it.

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