• Eliminate those who are hungry. +5
  • Feed the hungry to the wolves. +4
  • Have you ever thought about getting something to eat? I hear those stupid PSA's all the time and I find them laughable. I can't tell you how many food banks and welfare cards that there are circulating in the nation. Compared to any other nation, when obesity is a national health issue, I'd say that hunger is the last problem that this country needs to worry about.
  • Stop allowing the few to amass so much wealth that the State can't afford to keep the many above the poverty line.
  • The obese people stop eating for a while.
  • If speacial interest groups had an answer would we be where we are now?
  • All of the actors and actresses in Hollywood should donate any amount earned per movie above $15 per hour to local food banks and charity programs ... for example, if Will Smith is set to earn $25 million for his next big action movie filmed over 30 days at an average of 10 hours a day he will earn $45,000 (which is what most middle class families earn in a year) ... the other $24,955,000 will be given to feed the hungry ... multiply that by Oprah (who makes about $143,000 PER HOUR), George Clooney, Brad and Angelina, etc and we can not only stamp out hunger, but also homelessness and provide health care for the poor ...
  • Kind of a global socialism. . But socialism is evil, ain't it? :)
  • probably let the fat americans go on a diet, i reckon that would solve all world hunger tho :P

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