• It depends on how big the thing they forgot was. I once forgot to go to a friend's 50th anniversary party. They forgave me, but I never forgave myself. Some things are big enough to make a point of remembering. If it's something little, like forgetting to pick up Cokes at the grocery store, I could forgive that. Unless it was the 10th time I'd asked the person to get them.
  • Speaking for myself, I guess it depends on exactly what they forgot. I am sure the IRS would not accept it.
  • Meh... people sometimes forget things, but I suppose it depends on the importance of the situation.
  • on occasions we all forget things but if happens often then it is rude and well i would think twice. +5
  • No excuse to forget important dates for me, diaries and phone's calendar is always around for helping me remember. We learn our kids that there is no excuse like "I forgot" and they must not answer us with "I dont know".
  • It really depends, but I would probably accept it, even for big things. But, if it became a habit, I would be upset.
  • I will once maybe twice as we all can truly forget but i think after that they need to get more original in their excuses or don't bother to remember. +5
  • well depends- noone is perfect and everyone forgets. Some have problems in that area for many reasons. But if they have no issues and do it alot I'd think they were just using forgot as an excuse (like it didn't matter to them enough to remember)
  • The first few times, sure. After that it reads "Sorry, I'm feeling passive aggressive".
  • It depends. You gave no specifics therefore it is not easy to answer this. If it is an important issue, that does not cut it.
  • I do, depending on the item forgotton. I would not have accepted this had my wife forgotten our aniversary. I would if she bought 1% milk, as I prefer 2%.
  • Depends how many times the persons forgot.
  • I remember said excuse for when it's their turn to get huffy.
  • Not if they "loved" me. . . .because if you REALLY love someone, you WOULDN'T forget!
  • Apart from the fact that it is means that whatever it was that pertained to you was so unimportant to that person he/she "forgot". It certainly changes how I feel about the person because it indicates how he/she feels about me. Now, if someone forgets to pick up a candybar for you or a newspaper I fuggeddaaboutit. But if someone forgets to take you to a doctor's appointment or to pick up your medication or to attend a special occasion for someone who is very special to you, well, that is a different ball of wax, isn't it? :)
  • It depends on whether or not I think the person is being genuine. +4
  • People, I do forget. May depend if it seems to be the norm or the exception. +5
  • If they genuinely forgot, then yes. The human brain doesn't work on categories like "important" or "consequential", it works on routine and patterns. People are capable of forgetting anything.
  • it all depends on how many times they kept repeating the same daughters dad told her once ,after she kept saying she was sorry ,but kept repeating , "No your not, or you would not keep doing it!" other words, 'sorry' was just a word,excuse ,for her....she was not really sorry at all.....
  • If its not a constant refrain. Yes, Probably.
  • Hell no, I think it's bullsh*t!!! Especially if it's something important.
  • depends on who said that to me
  • If it's something minor we are dealing with, then a second chance can be given. With something major, I would think twice about using that person again.
  • Only if they really mean it. If they say that as a lie they can be found out since the eyes of a person and their tone of voice can say a lot.

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