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  • because he is a wanker and he should not be doing things like that at his age ashe will go blind
  • maybe because he's horny. but dude, ask him to stop it. he shouldn't be doing it at this age!
  • Because it feels good. At his age he does not understand why, but he is having the same sexual reaction that his older teen-aged brother does. He just does not realize it - and of course, when he orgasm, at this stage most likely little or nothing ejaculates. So why is he doing this? Believe it or not, when his mother used to bathe him and wash around his penis, he subconsciously learned that it felt good. It is how males learn to masturbate before they know there is a reason to masturbate. Guess what? The same was true of you and every other male on the planet.
  • When i was 13 I use to be on meds that would knock me out at night. My sister would take advantage of that fact and do things to me while i was asleep. If i did wake up, i would just pretend like i was still asleep. Shes only two years younger than me, so this continued till i moved out at 17
  • Cumming feels good duh
  • You need to put a stop to his addiction by having a heart-to-heart talk with him. He probably doesn't know that it isn't good for him at his age. Alternatively, you can get him occupied in more child-play activities each day that will take his mind of masturbation for some time. Good luck!

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