• Many times, haven't you?
  • Haha If you can call it that, it was baby... my bed shook, I told my boyfriend it was an earthquake, he said I was crazy and the next day the earthquake was on the news. I had no idea you could get earthquakes in England before that!
  • Having lived in California all of my life, I have experienced many earthquakes, although I did manage to dodge the big ones in 1989 and 1994.
  • Three that I have felt. One earthquake here in Illinois happened when I was up in a small plane with a friend, and when we landed at the air strip we were told that we had just had an earthquake, so I missed that one.
  • Yes, one I felt and the other I slept through. +5
  • We don't really get one here but i heard i sleept though i really small one lol
  • I have experienced such one was midnight...I was in my study...suddenly noticed, water in the bottle beside me was in waves...I touched the side of the was too shaking... the next day, news said that it was a 6.5 [perhaps] level earthquake
  • Yes. But I slept through it and didn't even know about it until I read the news the next day.
  • yes in cali it was messed up glass didnt like it cause it all broke :(
  • Twice. Both were hard enough for dishes and books to fall from the shelves, and to throw me out of bed. Very mild, compared to so many. How about you? +5
  • Yes, I live in California near the coast. I've been through them all my life. Including Loma Prieta in 1989. The Southern California ones are too far away for me to worry about.
  • "Yes" I've been in California for many years. They come with the territory.:)
  • Yep. February 28th, 2001 a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit the Seattle area. It was reported as high as 7.2 at the time. I was in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at the time, standing watch as Shutdown Reactor Operator on a submarine in drydock for decomissioning. When the earthquake hit, the sub, which sits on wooden blocks while in drydock, was rocking back and forth on the blocks so much that you could feel the ship come off the blocks and thump back down on them during the rocking. It was quite the wild ride, I assure you!
  • Yes. The 1994 Northridge, Quake, and the one that happened about 6 years ago , in central California.+5
  • I've lived in Southern California for 31 years. I've been through many.
  • Over 45 years in California, so I've felt quite a few. Most are just little rumblings you hardly notice, but once in awhile things really get shaken up. It's a pretty helpless feeling knowing your house might fall down and there isn't insurance on it for that.
  • A few times in the Seattle area. The last one I felt was in 2001 (same as the one that the Chief talks about in his answer). I was at work and we all ran outside. Watching the parking lot go up and down like waves on an ocean was almost surreal.
  • I was in Michigan. I couldn't sleep. I was in my basement watching TV when the door to the basement pop open, the sofa slid, and a mouse ran down my bare leg.
  • Only little ones. Just enough to make me raise my head and wonder why everything is shaking, before going back to whatever I was doing.
  • Yep... Well, sort of... 1987, we were in Indianapolis, searching for apartments. We stopped at Wendy's to eat. About the time we were ALMOST finished, it felt like someone bumped my chair, but from underneath. I felt like I was raised about a foot or so, and dropped back down. We weren't sure what was happening... We thought maybe a truck had wrecked outside, but nothing like that there. Then we looked at the hanging lights and they were swinging. That's when we realized we'd just experienced an earthquake. It actually hit June 10, 1987, somewhere near the New Madrid fault, that runs near the Indiana/Illinois boarder.
  • Nope. But I have a tornado.
  • 7-7-2017 Go to youtube and search "baja quake 7.2". Look for the flick with a swimming pool in the picture. I was less than 20 miles from that one and I thought my car was going to bounce out of the driveway. Quakes here are up-and-down, so not too much damage. Not as much as a side-to-side quake.
  • A small one when I was working in Alaska one summer

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