• Entitled. lol just kiddin. Its nice to see random kindness.
  • Important enough that a gentleman would be courteous to hold the door for me
  • Special but then I figure he is just getting paid. lol Actually my hubby did twice for me tonight>special day- our Annv. was today >otherwise I have to rush to shut it before he takes off.
  • Makes me feel good. I think its nice to hold the door for anyone if your the first one thru.
  • Like the lady I am :)
  • The person is considerate. Hold 2 door 4 someone when ever you can. Especially these days, where everbody is rushing. They have no time or make no time for that. great question.+++
  • I say thanks, but it means nothing to me. I have 2 working arms and am capable of opening a door. But because i dont want to seem like a rude bitch, i say thanks.
  • The same as when I open or hold a door for someone else. You just do that and say or receive 'thanks'.
  • Its sweet, and I don't mind it, my hubby does it all the time. But I've held the door open for guys (like at the post office with an arm full of junk, or elsewhere) its just something polite to do.
  • It feels normal. Maybe it is because I live in this remote mountain town where everyone (men and women) has the courtesy to open and hold the door, and other things like hand you a cart at the store, and wave at you even without knowing you.
  • It feels nice; chivalry is not dead.
  • Like he's a gentleman. It's a nice gesture and says a lot about a person, especially if I don't even know him to start with.
  • I think it's wonderful, it takes a true gentleman to do that anymore, there is nothing sweeter than a man with manners:) I had the saddest thing i've ever seen happen to me recently, I was outside of the post office and this sweet guy kinda picked up his pace to open the door for me and as I went in he said, "Don't take me wrong, I'm not coming on to you or anything so don't get mad, I just wanted to say you have beautiful hair, but I don't mean it offensively". How sad is that? When we live in a world where someone can't compliment you hair without being afraid you'll sue or freak out or something. Of course I thanked him generously :)
  • Younger than springtime with a song in my heart!! What was the question again?
  • Grateful. I say thank you. I hold the door for people because it's a nice thing to do. I like when people do nice things for strangers as well as family and friends.
  • i smile and thank them always... it makes me feel special just being a woman. +5 but i think i answered this but for you i will answer again :P
  • Exactly how I feel - I've got it going on. 😁

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