• To try not to displease everyone with my opinions and to have a better additude among others.
  • I would like to have better self esteem and be less senitive. I would love to look into the mirror and not see a fucked up loser whom I would rather hurt than live with.
  • To be able to focus on the positive and enjoy life.
  • I would like to be happier. I used to enjoy the littlest things, and now I guess i have become desensitized. I should start meditating, that may help.
  • I wish I was better organized around the house.
  • I'm pretty much always working on making the same change: "waking up". My most important goal is to live consciously... to make choices with full awareness each day, rather than to be some degree of auto-zombie, simply repeating the automated behavior of the past. There's two parts of zombieness, and they're related: beliefs and conditioning. Conditioning is all the habitual stuff that we develop (especially patterns of thinking). Beliefs are ideas we've grown attached to, or which we accept unquestioningly. What I call "waking up" is the discipline of noticing these things and challenging or disrupting them. When that happens, there's almost always a shift -- a jolt that reminds me that this moment is brand new, and that NOW is the time to appreciate my life and do my best. I don't see myself ever mastering this, but the challenge never gets boring.
  • To not speak when I have mean thoughts or an insulting comeback. I was raised to believe the person with the best slam on someone else was to be admired. Its taking a long time to correct this but its worth the effort .
  • A recording studio in my basement would do the trick.

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