• I am the boss
  • I forgot more than they know. Its politically appointed so I don't think I stand a chance.
  • Had the chance when I was working, but chose not to go that route. My job was not a 9 to 5 kind of job. Gave me LOTS of freedom and that meant more to me than a title Barb! +5 Also, the money did not justify the loss of freedom and the responsibility.
  • Oh No! Waaaay too much drama to manage.
  • I used to own several businesses and ran them myself. I worked 20 hours a day, seven days a week. It was very rare that I had time for myself. After selling everything, it was as if the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders, and I became stress free. Six months later I was sought out by others who wanted me to work as a consultant. Six months after that my contract was up and I managed to get away without getting an ulcer. Managing someone else's business isn't much better, now you have a target on you from both sides. Now, six years later, I'm thinking of going back to work, but I'm not interested in starting another business or being anyone's "boss". I'd rather just look after myself, do a job and not worry about anyone else.
  • I am the boss at the office. Now quit screwing around and get your ass back to work!
  • I am the boss, and I do like it most of the time, but there are times when I dont like it.
  • I have been in management for too many years! NO WAY! please! +5
  • Yes... I have only been the boss once. Even then, I was only assistant boss. I want to be the real boss. Not that I crave power or anything ;)
  • No way. I kept fighting being "supervisor" or "boss" my whole working life. I have no patience for all the problems that occur among employees.. mostly they whine about other employees and that wastes time and there is never a good resolution. The jobs I loved were the ones where I was left entirely alone to do them...if I had a question I could go to my boss to ask it..otherwise, I was on my own and I loved it! Being boss sucks most of the time! :)
  • prolly not. ;)
  • I own my own business, I am the boss. No, I would never do it again.
  • No, I've been the boss, owner, manager,etc in several professions over the years. I'd rather be part of a team or else work alone. I'm a "what's best for the most" type person.
  • I want to boss. but I am not yet but i will try.
  • Only if I had a Barb to be my lady Friday.
  • I am the boss:))+5

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