• Firstly, I think this question makes the assumption that randomness is the opposite of destiny, which is slightly inaccurate. The concept of destiny involves powers over ones life that will cause it to take a certain path ( the owner of the life has no control over it's intended path). True randomness (in terms of a life) means the life owner does absolutely nothing, so all events that occur are not influenced by the life owners actions. Therefore life randomness is impossible because even doing nothing is still doing something. Anyway, that aside, if a die symbolises randomness then the symbol of destiny must be a die with the same number on each side. That then poses the question what number should it be?
  • Ok....given the average six-sided dice you may roll and never predict the the number showing on the top face of the di (as the game of craps is based on this) however live is of the yin and yang if you will soyou may know the sum of the top and the bottom of each di on every roll. which is 7. To know just the top number is a quest for half of something not divisable by two. The first thing in this life is to know what can be known and that will keep you busy enough.
  • Randomness is part of destiny. i see it as we are given several paths in wich each different path will lead to a different destiny. and randomness is part of those paths that will take you to your destiny. or one of the destinies that you were able to obtain. so the symbol of destiny would could be several different things.

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