• That really keeps one awake, doesn't it!!!! Say the lyrics in your mind to: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. That will clear your mind because you have to concentrate on the numbers. Good luck!!
  • Try talking it out with someone understanding and sympathetic. "Get it off your chest" by discussing it. Then move on to more pleasant things before you retire for the night.
  • watch a comedy or smoke some cheeba (assuming you're a responsible adult), or both at the same time =)
  • I turn on the TV and try to drown it out.
  • Try to get some sleep if you can.If not,read,listen to music,or keep yourself busy and occupied to take your mind off of things. +5
  • try your hardest NOT to think about sheep. trust me it works
  • go to sleep.
  • What works for me is listen to my most angry music, and write, I generally quit thinking bout what got me mad in the first place.
  • Write down what made you mad during the day and express yourself fully and angrily, in a diary or journal, before you go to bed. I find that expressing yourself by writing down your thoughts really helps "unload" your mind and settles it down. It has a beneficial, psychological effect.
  • Pop caps in asses.
  • For me, it is a bowl of ice cream and a good TV program or DVD ... +5
  • It's hard because it always keeps coming back in related thoughts, I remember good things that have happened in my life that I think of and hopefully that will relax me and help me fall off to sleep!
  • Hot shower, reading, and little enya
  • Try to remember to not take things personally. If there's a situation that's really bothering you then make your decision about what you're gonna do about it, and be at peace with it. Oh, and smoke some greenery. Seriously weed is great for problems. There's been many times when I was so mad about something, puffed a joint, and it totally eliminated the emotions and ego from it and allowed me to be much more reasonable, I'd even laugh about what I was just angry about. Weed makes you remember that you're taking life way too seriously. It's like seeing a good friend.
  • During the day try to live as honestly as possible. When you go home make a conscience effort to set the day aside. Get some exercise...walk the dog, run, lift weights, jump rope, ride a bike that sort of thing. Have a good dinner with the tv off. Once you've exercised your body and fed yourself exercise the mind constructively. Read or write or maybe solve puzzles. Hanging onto anger is pretty destructive to the body and the mind. I am not saying you should let yourself be walked on or that there aren't things to be mad about but your nights are for you are what is right with your life; rest, reflection and renewal. Don't let what makes you mad rob you of what is good.
  • whenever the thought starts to enter your mind try focusing on your breathing. You will notice that while you are thinking about that no other thoughts can interrupt you. While you are focusing on your breathing breathe deeper and slowly move your attention to the different parts of your body and relax those bits one by one. You can do this anywhere, on the bus, at work etc. It is something that has worked for me cos I was tormented by things that made me feel bad everyday. Now it has become a new habit to not let things bother me. If the thoughts you are having are more than just passing irrational thoughts you might also want to talk to a good friend or someone trustworthy about it so that you can resolve the issue. All the best :)
  • Get really cozy in your bed and watch TV using the sleep timer, works for me every time!

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