• ...yup. ...or you could try the hot sauce. (I bet they NEVER do it again) ...or you could take their "special stickers" away... lmao.
  • Why not try battery acid and be done with it? No. It is not. Try explaining why this is unacceptable. Then use a proper punishment, not a physical one. Take away privleges.
  • Yes, I got the soap and it made me think twice before cussing or talking disrespectfully
  • Oh, how terrible. How could you do such a thing. Why, the poor child might be traumatized for life. (that was for all the psychology do gooders.) If I had been standing near a child of mine and they told their mother to shut up they would have been picking their butt up off the floor where I had just knocked them. And, for all the child psycholgists out there, stuff it. I have yet to see a truly good child result from all that crap. But, I have seen some darn good ones result from a loving but strict parent that gives the child a swat or soapy mouth or whatever else it takes to straighten them out.
  • Yes, acceptable, and merciful by the standards of what would have happened to me as a kid.
  • actually with all the additives and crap they put in some soaps these days , i would choose another method.
  • No way as as that is child abuse no matter how you look at it. Me, If I were the child would call 911, And see what Child Services has to say about such bad behavior on your part. Do find a better way to communicate with the child.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, I'm sure it would be better to be abused by foster parents and other foster kids!
  • this used to happend to me when i was younger :( it sucked majorly.
  • I see no problem with it.
  • I'm neutral. I'd say no because it's soap and could possibly hurt the child, but other than that, I think it's ok. But I would only do it for extreame things (and depending on how well you know the family). Disrespect like that is out of line for a 10yr old. I've met people who still remember having thier mouths washed out with soap, most of them said that it stopped them from saying (what it was) again. Washing your mouth out with soap, to me, is the same as spanking your kid. Just be careful, you can go overboard. It's more important to get the kid to understand why he shouldn't be disrespectful like that, I hope the situation was explained.
  • No, it's cruel. We had a system called exile, ( or banishment, Gulag, un-person, or various other nicknames,). What we did was simple, if one of the girls acted up we would declare her an UN-person. Unpeople can sit in their room and do nothing - not even to speak to us or to be spoken too until she decided to apologize for the offense and rejoin the human race. No tv, books, radio, communication, or anything else was allowed. She could sit in a chair or go to bed. She could eat meals or go to the bathroom - nothing else was allowed. Nobody was allowed to talk to her until she apologized - and she was not allowed to talk except but to apologize. Used only a few times for each daughter and after that we had no trouble whatsoever with either girl from that day till today. They laugh about it now - and both say they will do the same thing when they have it must have been a good way to punish someone.
  • I would do it. The worst physically it would do to the boy is diarrhea. Kids need to know there are consequences in life. We have too many spoiled brats who got away with "murder" as kids and think they can do whatever they want. As long as you are good at rewarding when they do good gestures too, the child will be more "rounded" for it.
  • No. The only thing that will teach a kid that age is soap tastes nasty, and his mom is nuts.
  • Don't listen to the snowflakes and try to reason with a 10 year old. Hell yeah it's okay.
  • i dont think so
  • In this day and age, it would be considered child abuse. Better to have a time out or take away privileges, computers, smart phones, gameboy.
  • I'm opposed to it. Not because the little turd doesn't deserve to be punished but because soap can cause irritation to the stomach and bowels and causes diarrhea. If my son were that disrespectful to me he'd be going to military school or a summer boot camp to straighten his butt out!

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