• I think it was to let enough life develop to be worth harvesting.
  • The aliens had been observing our development for thousands of years, they probably used the buried ships as relay dishes to broadcast information about us to their motherships or home planet. Also, having buried ships means that they could take us by surprise, no one expected that we would be attacked from below.
  • More than likely to hide from the Scientologists and their disturbing beliefs.
  • I do not recall it ever saying why but i would think so they could wait until we were at our weakest
  • i agree that it was to take us from suprise It doenst really matter tho. its a film and it makes it look cool :)
  • roller_fox, think about it. They probably buried the ships at a time when humans were just finding their feet [so to speak], when basic agriculture and village building began. We WOULD have witnessed the burial of the ships but these would have, over time, passed into legend and superstition. Why they would choose to monitor us is because they realized that we had a higher intelligence and that we might pose a threat to the aliens in the future once we had developed far enough.
  • the whole movie was absolutely rediculous(i liked the original). if some group wanted to deal with us whether to eat or use fuel or whatever they wanted us for all they would have to do is transplant us and some of our food on another colony and we would work out fine... if they wanted our resources then they could just take it from us at a seemingly minimal amount of damage to us. it is absolutely rediculous and poorly thought out. +2
  • You'd think that those ships would have been outdated/ancient technology for the aliens. It'd be like us buring a bunch a Sherman tanks that we might need in a few hundred years.

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