• I beleive the psychology in the matter is that if you hesitate they have a reason to be suspicious.
  • Perhaps the way one answers their questions is given more weight than any content? ;-)
  • They don't need to know the answers. They need to know how you deliver the answers, and whether the answers you give to any of the questions are inconsistent with each other.
  • They are looking for inconsistencies in your answers and nervousness that might indicate you are being dishonest about who your are or why you are traveling. I just need to say here that I am fifty and a resident of Michigan. We used to travel often between the US and Canada and spent a good deal of money in Canada. The worst thing we ever did is bring an extra case of beer over the border. Many people in Michigan had cottages and friends just across the border. The required pass or passport, the lines and the interrogations at the border make the trip too much trouble for most of us now. &iss on this homeland security horse$hit. We are no safer now than we were before. Normal people are treated like criminals and cattle all in the name of security. It's a false security too. Every day tons and tons of unexamined cargo and thousands of humans cross the borders. These examinations do not make us safer. The US government doesn't care about that they care about monitoring and controlling peoples. Our rights (now non-existent)are disappearing at an alarming rate *SIGH*
  • Maybe they're just bored and really nosey! But joking aside - I guess things have been tightened up since all the terrorism stuff. When we visited family in Canada some 10 years ago, (from U.K.) immigration to Canada was no problem, but when we took a road trip to N.Y. via Niagara - we had to fill in all sorts of damned-fool forms - like- did we have AIDS?, were we Communists, convicted felons, druggies, were we carrying firearms - and here's the doozie - did we intend to carry out any illegal activities whilst in the U.S.!! Like Doh! If we did, would we really tick the YES box??
  • It's probably just standard interrogation techniques. Another possibility-though unlikely- is that you're taking a lie detector test. A friend of mine had a credit card stolen on a trip & Answered a list of odd Qs over the phone-he told me what he recalled & it seemed clear they were building base Qs to compare with possible lies-this type of test with no hookups depends on the FM range in your voice to detect stress.
  • They don't care about the questions. They care about how you respond, whether you're nervous, whether or not your eyes dart around while you answer, and whether or not you have an accent. They'd probably ask questions about your mother's underwear if they thought they could get away with it.
  • They ask you all odd questions in order to know you are giving the correct answers without thinking about a questions, and later they ask you the same question to verify that all answers were responded did not contradict .
  • As much as anything maybe they are looking for how you respond to interrogation. If you are doing anything illegal in crossing the border then you may show nervousness and get tripped up.
  • their database already has all the answers to those questions and they are just verifying that you are who you say you are... not that I'm paranoid or anything... :)

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