• Leadership skills, he was no leader, he was a nut case. Even members of the Nazi Party wanted to get rid of him.
  • I don't know if they admire it, per se, but if you take away the hatred, violence, genocide, and gross disregard for human life, he was a very powerful and influential person. He was in no way a great man, but he was able to inspire generations of mankind into believing in his cause....very sick, and extremely sad, as it may be.
  • They hear "great leader" and think "great". He was a monomaniacal and psychotic *effective* leader of haters and nutcases and nationalistic people who didn't question authority, and later kept them in line with terror.
  • The admiration of Hitler's 'leadership qualities' (even excluding all the mass genocide etc, notwithstanding) is something I frown upon. Likewise, the trivialization, minimalization, (even glamorization, of what evil Hitler pursued to achieve) of the Nazi holocaust - should never be considered by anyone, whether they are educated in WWII history, or not. There is nothing even remotely funny about the Nazi's activities, and nothing at all 'deserved' for the Jewish people. This will be like the equivalent of me making fun at the expense of the 911 man-made disaster on some late night comedy show. Hilarious.
  • Who on earth would admire Hitler's leadership qualities. He put fear into everyone. That is not leadership, that is evil.
  • Thats one of the paradoxes that puzzles the social psychologists to this day. If a person of such perverted nature could gain total control of a well educated population of Germany, using hate as bait, what more could happen in this world of ours? It is time every human being became vigilant and would not allow the Hitler types to flourish. We know there are plenty of them around looking for the susceptible.
  • Don't know that anybody admires him.

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