• I tell myself that I deserve it too! Just because I live alone does not mean that I cannot have nice things - and by 'nice things' I mean, a proper dinner on a plate, and a table cloth, and the table set properly - I will not settle for having my meal on my lap! I do silly things like one year, I had fireworks all by myself in the back garden (5th november is firework night in England - long story) - again because I deserve it too! On my birthday, I cook a proper meal, set the table properly, get the good silver out, crystal glasses etc - and why not? I deserve these things too! Mind you, it took a long time before I could do these things comfortably - now it is second nature - I really had to talk myself into doing things nicely - it is easy when you are on your own to let standards slide... And besides - it makes me giggle to think that I am firing up the bbq to cook for one!
  • Just have a self talk with yourself and tell your self ,to take one thing at a time ,and appreciate yourself and do not compare with others ,do your best ,even if you fail you will learn something out of it.
  • I try not to talk to myself, well ... not too much anyway. I use the reward system, and it works for me. I like to eat off of clean dishes - so I don't let them pile up and they get washed after a meal. I like sleeping in a made bed - so I make it when I get up. I like to wear clean clothes - so I do the laundry, and so on. It's easy to let things go when we are sad, but I find it's easier to stay happy when I put a little effort into it, and not let myself get lazy. :)
  • I don't need words of encouragement to do good things to make myself feel better. I feel better when I can get things worked out logically or through prayer. What's the sense of throwing myself a pity party, spend a bunch of money I can't afford to spend or other such things. It would be a waste of time.
  • Be your own master and be your own slave ... think clearly and logically first, decide what is best for you, then be the master as you command yourself, "do this, do not do that" and be the slave as you reply, "yes master, I'll do it at once ... of course master, I'll never do that again" ... if you can not obey yourself when you know your command is the right one, then gentle encouragement will not help ... Just order yourself to do what you know is right, then do it. ... in my style of martial arts, following this concept of being your own master/slave represents 65% of the first degree black belt test ... and a student can not advance without it ...
  • Many years before Dr. Norman Vincent Peale came out with his book "The Power of Positive Thinking" there was a French psychotherapist named Emile Coue who wrote that everyone should say the following words each day out loud..."Every day in every way I am getting better and better". That would be a little "pep" talk you gave yourself and it could cover everything..physical health, mental health, attitude, everything. So every night before I go to sleep I say those words! :)
  • I really need a good strong woman to motivate me!! left to my own devices I cut too many corners! but now I really need to focus on shedding some weight so! NO MORE JUNK FOOD FAT BOY!! for me!! :-/ GET THAT SORRY ARSE INTO THE GYM of mine!! :-/ GET BACK ON THAT DAM BIKE & DO TEN MILES!!! NOW!!! AND MAKE IT SNAPPY!! :-/ I have to be hard on myself!! no one else will do it!! :-/
  • Gee I never thought about it. Maybe I should.
  • I always say the bad times will pass and the good times are around the corner. That makes it for me!

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