• My father originally wanted me to be named Sebastian Bach ##$### (last name censored for privacy reasons) but my mother was steadfast that I be named something more unique... so they named me Desota instead after my grandfather's favorite classic american car... I like the name.. although the specific car was a Dodge Desoto and my name was misspelled at birth but I like it the way it is. ;)
  • No, but my cousin missed out on being named Brian, because I came along first (or so goes the legend).
  • Kind of: my parents agreed on my first and middle names before I was born, and my mum assumed I'd go by my first name -- natural assumption one might say -- but she says when I was born my dad and his family right off and all together started calling me by my middle name -- not wholly unbelievable, as there are a few of us who go by our middle names in my family. So my whole life I went by my middle name. Last year, however, I legally switched them, so now my birth-middle-name is my first name, and my birth-first-name is my middle name. I got sick and tired of authorities (doctor, government, school, etc) calling me by the wrong name; also I'd married a woman whose first name was also my first name and we wanted to have the same last name, but if we did that, we'd have the same name, legally, which would be SO lame.
  • yes my name was to be jannifer the nurse spelled it wrong parents decided was not worth the hassle to get it fixed but they both call me jannifer with the a sound. +5
  • My wife and I had twins 2 years ago, the boy was to be named wesley, but I didnt care for it, we have alot of paper work with wesley on it, they were preemie so there is a fair amount of it, but by the time the birth certificate was sighned he was named wyatt, so we have paper work with wesley on it and the rest is all wyatt.
  • My mom wanted to name me Ashley(or Adam Lee if i were a boy), but my dad wanted to name me Joy
  • If I was born female, my name would be Sue.
  • If I were a boy I was going to be named Peter, and for girl names my Dad wanted me to be called Amber, but my mom won with Allison. Although nobody ever calls me that usually go by nicknames.
  • Yes. My mother wanted to name me Carl instead of after my father.
  • I wanted to name my daughter a boys name before her birth, if ya get my drift. However, I am thankful every day that I got the blessing to give my child a girls name. (Translation: I wanted a boy, got a girl, love the girl with all I have and wouldn't go back in time and change a thing.)
  • They wanted to name me Ron JeremyII(for Obvious reasons)
  • Yeah, Calvin instead of my name Kevin. I would be sorta happy with Calvin because I have a stuffed animal i called Hobbes.
  • My mom wanted to name me Cheyenne, but my dad named me Nadine after of friend of theirs.
  • They did, then they compromised on the legal name they gave me, but my mom still called me by the name she wanted to give me. To this day, my family calls me one name, everyone one else my real name.
  • My mom was all about popular names (during the 80's J name era) which is what me and my brother were stuck with. My dad was traditional, he wanted to name us after relatives or something unique-ish. If my dad would have had his way I would have been Beth Ann or Brooklyn
  • My mother wanted to name me Windy and I'm glad she didn't, I can't imagine the cruel jokes in High School :-/
  • my dad wanted to call me sally-ann, hated it a few years ago but not so bad now
  • My dad wanted me to be called George, but my mum persuaded Josh and substituted my middle name for George. My real name is Joshua but i havent been called, or used that in a long time. Its either Josh or JayDee :)
  • My Mom was also thinking of Rebecca....and my Dad wanted Nicole (which ended up being my middle name)
  • My father wanted to name me Uba Marie [pronounced oo-bah]. Thank goodness for my mother.
  • Cool question Beavis. My father wanted my name but my mother wanted the biblical "Luke". Imagine the Luke Skywalker barbs I'd have received when Star Wars came out... ;)
  • Yes, from what my parents have told me, my dad wanted to name me Heather but instead my mother chose my name :)

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