• The show "Dancing Your Ass Off" gives different meanings to your question.
  • Yep! Between the stores that sells clothing to the morbidly obese to the commercials for processed foods we don't need, people are so confused! Even the weight loss programs encourage people to fail.
  • No here in the UK i dont think so, the media are coming down hard on obeserty, especialy the young of school age, and how the adults are causing future problems for there children if they dont act now to change there life style
  • To the contrary, they send the message that people should be thin and beautiful.
  • Yep. Seems to be. Not sure how it started elsewhere, but Dove's 'love your body' advertising campaign (they make body creams and soap etc.), really spearheaded the reactionary idea that it's OK for women (fat tends to be a feminine driven issue), to be porky. It was about rebelling against 'thin' media role models but has gone too far now. Then we had a fat super model, Sophie Dahl. She is a great beauty but that's only become truly evident since she's come down to a healthy size. Accepting that you are not a right-off if you are unavoidably fat for medical reasons is OK but for 99% of fatties it should not be encouraged as it is unhealthy and unsightly.
  • I wouldnt think so. There is the new show..."more to love" and all the girls are happy with their weight. I know they know its not ok though cuz they never had boyfriends and have low self esteem...but it does make it ok on that show. But besides that most shows are about loosing weight. Other shows like montel, and tyra talk about its not ok to loose weight and get angry when a person trys to spread the word "be proud" but teaches their children its ok to be fat which is child abuse. Morning shows bring on women who like their weight and burn them becuase its unhealthy. Maury brngs on obese people and everyones ooohing and aaahhhing. I dont think the media as a whole is making it ok. Only a few shows that people watch for entertainment. (knowing its not ok) EVERYONE knows its not ok. The young, the old, the healthy, the obese...the sick...EVERYONE. whether they admit it or not. And those who think its ok just do it for a reason to not stop their lifestyle.
  • I do not know about the "media" but society and there "everyone's a winner" bullsh!t sure is making it ok! . At one point in my life I was pushing 300 pounds at 5'8" tall. I caught so much hell from friends, so I asked them to help me, and they did. I got all the way back down to 180 in a matter of months. If it was not for them giving me hell, and helping me when I asked for it God only knows how fat I would be today.
  • You know, I think they are trying to overcompensate on the emphasis to be skinny. Now they are going the opposite direction. What happened to it's good to be fit and healthy?
  • No, it usually promotes the idea that being underweight is the ideal, particularly women's magazines.
  • I don't... the media in the UK is shoving it down our throats that it is wrong to be obese. So it should.

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