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  • faulty logic
  • Yeah, no, not a good population sample by any means even. But, if it helps, my last ex-GF? Big fan of it.
  • you will only find out how many on ab like anal. or rather how many of us will admit to it. Many more than you think (or hope) Its not that off the wall any more.
  • only one finger allowed up there and I have to be in the mood for that
  • I think you will find that your percentage will be rather small but like Moley said there are many that will do it but never admit it... The girl that was head of the cheerleading team in HS was a barbie doll and when she talked about sex which was rare it was very puritan but then some guy circulated a cell video of her doing anal and pointed out how she had begged for it... Not a nice thing to do to her but still it shows how some people cover up their inner desires. Of my close girl friends about 60% are willing anal partners. The remainder is made up of those who are undecided and those that are definitely against it.
  • My wife doesn't particularly like it. She'll do it for me on a rare, special occasion, but it's not her preference.
  • I love it :)

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