• Because of their humanlike shape and size.
  • I didnt realise they were...but I think drums can be erotic.
  • My guess would be that if you hold one between your legs, and draw the bow across, the deep vibrations would produce an interesting sensation. Oh, and the size and shape of course :D The violin family is beautifully organic in its shape.
    • mushroom
      I had a pervy music teacher who used to glare down from his podium at the first cello stand and mutter "There's just something about a young girl playing the cello."
  • my got me on this one! +5
  • Are they? lol I dont really know, Its probably just a matter of personal taste.
  • I beleive anything almost anything can be erotic if used in the right way. The persons posture, facial expressions, the sounds, and body movement all can make almost any instrument sexy.
  • Hm, a tall, curvaceous object played while held between the legs.
  • Nobody's gotten it!! The cello has a deep, intimate chest voice. I find Alan Rickman (yes, Snape) sexy because he played a cello in Truly Madly Deeply AND he has the human voice equivalent of a cello sound.

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