• Are you serious? You are not going to be able to find out that information so please stop trying.
  • G'day Criane425, Thank you for your question. I don't know what it is and if he has any sense, he will keep it private. You could check his site to see if there are any ways of getting in touch. Regards Jesse McCartney site
  • How would anyone here have the information?
  • jesse mccartney email ?? you can get it ! email me at
  • Get a life !! you wont get it in here !
  • ???????????
  • hey everyone, its me michelle most people know me as the person who finds out diferent information and the person who solve diferent puzzles. well, i found out something good another mysterie solved. jesse's email is .... let me tell you the deeds first. you all know jesse as a person who loves the bahamas right. well did you know that he took along his laptop with him on his last trip. a paparazzi took a picture of him on his laptop when you zoom in on his lap top it said "jesserolesoul" BIG and BOLD so i know its not mistaken. the question was which site is he at. was it yahoo, Google, Hotmail or ... jesse had a email before but he admitted he forgot his password so he doesn't use it anymore he confessed in a interview. now its not yet official of his new fan mail address YET. so heres the deal on the interview with bonnie hunt he confessed he uses live. On the thing with alpha or what ever i don't remember the name of the show but he said he has a jesse role soul. there you have it i know its not proof ofcourse its not he could just have decorated his profile to say that. BUT i tried it and i got a responce im not in to him so i dont email him. but you would love emailing him. but who no's its still not proof, heres the proof he said to his fans "jesse role soul @ live is alive" before his show in new jersey.after that he said "email me now" it was repeated by his ex girlfriend katie. even my best friend emily said that she heard katie-his x say that too. what are you doing looking at the monitor when you good be emailing jesse mccartney. the puzzle maker, michelle dansk
  • you might be able to find it online
  • For security reasons personal addresses and contact information is never made available to the public.

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