• God knows mate....It as nothing at all to do with them,but there you go,the yanks always like to poke their noses in. As you say it has its faults,mainly waiting times for non urgent cases, but on the whole its very good ,I can get to see my GP the same day if I ring before 8.15,blood tests for anything are obtainable on demand at the GP surgery and take 3 days.And ,now I'm a pensioner I've paid my dues so it all comes for "free"
  • Right wing America has gone bezerk!They want what they want and care nothing about the trueth!They are probably working to get paid by big insurance industries.Coruption!They are trying to keep people from getting the real info.and spreading terrible lies about health care of other countries.They want us to beleive we are best at everything. But most know we are not.They think they can ruin President Obama by defeating health care reform... It is nothing against you,they just don`t care who they hurt.They are scaring alot of people,especially the elderly...I think maybe it`s their last struggle just at the end.
  • They certainly seem to have gone way over the top. And the "facts" they are presenting bear no relationship to the NHS I see. The NHS is wonderful. Not incapable of improvement - nothing man-made is perfect, and a huge enterprise like the NHS is bound to have failings - but still brilliant despite the occasional failing.
  • From what I've seen on the news it's largely down to ignorance & from what I can tell, a lack of morality.
  • At least when we have an accident and are rushed to hospital (in 8 minutes) and we are unconcious we are not left on the stretcher until health insurance documents can be located. And the wait times at NHS hospitals are going down too. Did you know that after the Chinese Army, the NHS is the world's biggest employer?
  • I agree, they either don't understand it or don't want to understand it. The NHS is brilliant and one of the best reasons for living in this country. If something unfortunate happens to any of us, we know we are going to receive treatment. It seems the American right want to keep the average joe's of this world down, why deny people access to a great healthcare system in the richest country in the world? This is a life and death situation but they choose to play politics instead!!
  • Actually King it is the "American Way" to "attacking" (my wording would be "heated debating") that which is not completely understood. Here state side we usually chop things apart in order to better understand. I often wondered why we here in the USA have never fully turned to our counter part (England) and examined in depth their health care system. . We folks here also tend to use "I" more then others. In debating people (USA) tend to not see the entire picture but rather see only within their space. So it no longer becomes what is good for the "mass populace" but rather what is in it for "m/I".
  • Their religion over there is called "economics" (with, naturally, money as their God). Basically they believe that missing out on health treatment due to long waiting lines is a sin, but missing out on health treatment due to not being able to afford it is not a sin (as you obviously didn't work hard enough to be able to afford the treatment and so deserve to suffer!!!???) Just ignore the yanks, the ones over there that actually have their eyes open know that their own system stinks and is sinking fast. P.S. Did you ever see that Michael Moore documentary where he took some sick Americans over to Cuba to get treatment?
  • You always have to keep in mind in the US that it's not a fair debate here. The media is owned by like six powerful people who control the debate on TV and radio. Washington is in the death grip of lobbyists and combined, they all give voice to the right wing and play on their irrational fears of socialism and big government. They don't want the truth about the NHS because that does not fit with their agenda. That's why the debate here is so insane.
  • Because there is a strong group who absolutely want the health care reform plans to fail, and the NHS is one of the proofs that it's possible to make it work.
  • I think it is because if we have free healthcare for everyone in the United States the government will kill your grandmother...or something like that.
  • I don't know that it is only the right wing. That is what the media wants us to think, but I'd say many people have reservations about it. How old are you? From what I hear, from family and friends over there, it isn't too bad if you are young and your healthcare issues are small. Wait until you get elderly, or your parents are elderly and see if you still feel the same. My father-in-law would have died without care if he hadn't still had private insurance through the American company he'd worked for. His disease was one that tended to progress pretty quickly without treatment and there was a long waiting list to see a specialist, until the fact that he had private insurance miraculously erased the wait.
  • Slave owners always bitch about when they're about to lose their slaves.
  • oh my! please, don't take their attacks personally. right now, like sharks, they smell fear and they're on the attack. they'd lynch their own momma if it saved a billionaire a buck!
  • The UK is an easy target. The health care in Britain us atrocious. The mortality rates for cancer patients is douvle the rates here in America. Who cares if the treatment appears "free", you get what you pay for, lousy care, long waiting times and you can still be denied care.
  • Propaganda and herd mentality.
  • I live in the US and if I could afford to leave i damned sure would in a heart beat, but with immigration laws and all that happy horse shit and the new border guards we have I'll likely die in this shit hole they claim is the best ever. One time it was OK, but the 90s turned it into family against family, brother against brother so they can pass whatever happy horse shit greed laws they can weasel into law through outright lies and corruption.
  • Someone recently said that the supreme irony was that Americans were protesting in the street for the right to be shafted.
  • The keyword here is "right-wing". They're a cancer that will hopefully be weeded out soon.
  • Because their leaders are evil, and there followers are stupid.
  • That is the point. You may not have great plans but at least you can be treated if you get sick. Most Americans can't even afford to get sick. They have to hope they don't get sick and go bankrupt and lose their house, cars, etc just to see a doctor and get treatment. People complain about the wait times in ER and that is because those without insurance have no choice but to use the ER which makes wait time so much longer. It is all about greed,
  • They've always been attacking NHC. The ones in power are being paid to attack it and the regular joes are too stupid to realize that NHC would be better for everyone including themselves.

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