• That really depends on him and how he conducts himself in society.
  • Kinda. I wouldn't hire him as an armored car driver.
  • He's paid his debt to society for his crime, so yes, I believe so. I've always been one for forgiving and forgetting, so definitely from me! ^_^ Just bare in mind there may be some who won't be so accepting =/
  • If he can treat everybody else as if he was never in prison then he should have no problem.
  • IF your brother can be an honest and productive member of society ; then he sould have NO problems ... +5
  • Just because you served your time doesn't mean you're now 'trustworthy'. If he can show he's ready to NOT be a bank robbing a-hole, then he can join society and be like everyone else. Good luck to him!
  • Yes he did his time for the crime, so he need,s to feel free for what he was convicted for and put that in the past and live his life the way he chooses.and he should be treated just like everybody else.
  • Well, I'm going by someone I know. He served his time & I think he should be treated like everyone else.
  • Sadly he is going to find it very difficult with that kind of record no matter how much time he has served. If he can relate to people in a normal manner and he is lucky enough to get a decent job he stands a chance. 10 years in an institution is a very long time and is bound to have had a severe affect on any person I wish him luck and the will to stay away from those that will lead him into trouble.
  • He SHOULD be treated like everyone else, but our society is set up so that you never fully "pay your debt to society." My brother is a felon. After he got himself back on his feet, he couldn't find a job. Even though you've paid your debt, many people still look down on you.
  • Should be yes his time is served but he might get attitude from many just because he is a ex-con he is gonna have to be patient and let people see he has changed
  • Most of these people don't know what they're talking about. It's a really comforting thought that after a convicted person pays their debt to society that all is forgiven. But that shit isn't true, the legal system lies to people. It's the department of corruptions not corrections. Okay look at it like this. I got a felony when I was 18 years old, didn't even have a juvenile record, my mother was a drug dealer and it was in the house so I got convicted too. I had alot of dreams and they all crumbled down when I realized what I had suddenly become...a felon. I'm not a criminal, or a bad person. But still people act weird when they find that out about me. It's almost impossible to find someone who will give me a chance at some shit job. I had to lie about my last name one time because my ex-boyfriend's grandmother buys peoples criminal records online. I struggle with homelessness because good apartments and houses will not rent to felons. Yes he should be treated like everyone else, but he won't be in our "society." By the way I'm a cute blonde 21 year old female, and people still act strange with me...So fuck them!!!

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