• 206 Straight and to the point, I'm sure you'll agree.
  • 206 is generally correct, however since up to 50% of all your bones are in you hands and feet, some people vary the number of bones the have by + or - up to 5 bones.
  • The answer is 206 for sure, but let me add some more interesting facts. The "adult" human body has 206 bones. At the time of birth a child has 300 bones but these bones fuse with each other as the child grows up and at adulthood the figure drops to 206. The smallest bone is stirrup, present in human ear and is less than an inch long. It carries sound from eardrum to inner ear. The largest bone is femur which is from hip to knee. The only bone in the human body not connected to another is the hyoid, a V-shaped bone at the base of the tongue between the mandible and the voice box. Its function is to support the tongue and its muscles.
  • The number is arbitrary, depending on how you count fused bones. The number "206" counts most of the skull bones separately, except fot the frontals and mandibles (each 2 fused bones, counted as 1). The pelvis is counted as 2 bones, but is really 6. The sternum has 3 parts (2 of bone, 1 of cartilage) but is counted as 1.
  • There are 206 bones in the human body. However, when you are a child, you have many more bones, probably in the 300s. This is because many of your bones at that point haven't fused together yet. As you grow, your bones fuse together.
  • 206 is right but hyoid is actually c shaped and stirrup isn't the scientific name for the smallest bone located in your ear
  • At birth the human body has about 350 bones, but by the time adulthood rolls around, some of our bones have fused together to give us a total of 206 bones in our body. Here is the breakdown: The adult skeleton consists of 206 bones . . . 28 skull bones (8 cranial, 14 facial, and 6 ear bones) The horseshoe-shaped hyoid bone of the neck; 26 vertebrae (7 cervical or neck, 12 thorax, 5 lumbar or loins, the sacrum which is five fused vertebrae, and the coccyx, our vestigial tail, which is four fused vertebrae) 24 ribs plus the sternum or breastbone; the shoulder girdle (2 clavicles, the most frequently fractured bone in the body, and 2 scapulae); The pelvic girdle (2 fused bones); 30 bones in our arms and legs (a total of 120); There are also a few partial bones, ranging from 8-18 in number, which are related to joints. Basically, there are 7 vertebrae and the hyoid bone in the neck.
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  • abut 206 bones in human body
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  • 206 in the adult
  • The most widely accepted answer is 206. Some answers vary due to inner ear bones, infants bones etc.
  • there are no bones in the human body because we just simply dont exist. enough said.
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  • No because each person had a different opinion and thoughts.
  • 206-adult over 300- infant over 600- developing fetus

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