• I like to be acknowledged right away, but other than that I like being left alone. If I need help I will ask.
  • I like to be left alone, unless I actually try to get the saleperson's attention.
  • I like them to leave me alone for at least a few minutes to get some first impressions. After that, I don't mind saying "I'm just browsing".
  • Leave me alone til I come to get you please.
  • alone..i can't stand when they ask if i need help..especially when they follow..when it's a small store and they don't get many customers..ugh..but i mean i can understand that with all the problems in the economy..this is customer service and they need to deter they have to be's in their job description
  • Depends if I know what I'm looking for....either way I like a "Hello', and then step away...
  • I prefer that the personnel acknowledge that I am there and offer help upon my request.
  • I like to be left alone. I can't stand being jumped on when I go into a store.
  • Salesperson suffocate me. I would prefer to call them when they are needed.
  • if its a clothing store, they need to leave me aloooone, they are notorious for following you around. As for an electronics place, yes i want their immediate assistance because 9 times out of 10 i don't know what im looking for.
  • I like to be greeted, so that I can ask for directions to a particular section or ask a question if I have one, and give us both the choice of "full service?" or "just browsing?" And then I like to be left alone to look over my options. When I'm at the counter and ready to pay, if the sales person takes a call -- and starts a conversation -- then I may just drop everything and leave. That, to me, is the height of rudeness among sales people.
  • I hate to get bombarded as soon as I walk into a store. I much prefer to look on my own and then will seek out a sales person if I have a question.
  • Leave me alone, if I need you I will come get you.
  • I don't want their attention unless I ask for it... I don't even care for a 'good morning' etc from their greeters when I walk in the shop.
  • I prefer to be left alone for a few minutes or so ... then approach and ask IF they can be of assistance ... +5
  • I like to be left alone but I still want them to acknowledge me and stay close incase I do need help.
  • I like to be acknowledged. Just a simple hello, or something. I hate it when they just flat out ignore me.
  • I don't mind a hello, let me know if you need any help, type greeting. But don't follow me all over the store, however, I do like them to help out when I ask for it and help with a smile is always especially nice.
  • I usually have an idea where to find what I want, etc. If I have any questions or can't find it, I'll contact a salesperson. However, I want them to be easily available. Sometimes they are not.
  • I like to browse uninterrupted!! I know what I'm looking for before I go into a shop!! wouldn’t go in otherwise!! :-/
  • It depends. Sometimes I know exactly what I want and where it is and I don't need help. Sometimes I know that have to ask a salesperson to help get me something because I don't know where it is.
  • I prefer to be left alone! i worked in a clothes store for 2 years and they always damanded you to go up to everyone in the store. I found it so stupid we had to do that. Most just got annoyed anyways being asked by each person in the store if you were doing okay. I never did it unless my managers were around.
  • I would rather be left alone (unless YOU are the salesman), & look around on my own. I will go get help if & when I need it. But the salespeople in stores constantly come up asking if help is needed. +5

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