• I have the same problem and have been told to use a root lifter and blow-dry at the roots.
  • Find a good "lifting" styling product that is easy for you to work with (gel, mousse, pommade, etc.) and apply it to the roots of your hair after toweling away the dripping water. Most products say to towel until damp, but I've had spreadability problems doing it that way, because I prefer gels. Pommades are a bitch to work with! They're hard to spread. Mousses foam, so they work best with damp hair. If you use a mousse while the hair is very wet, the water dilutes it too much. It won't work. After you've done that, bend over all the way and dry your hair upside down. Once it's dried, flip back up and style :) +5
  • Well you could style it in a way that makes straight hair look good. Being a man I'm a bit confused about why straight-haired women keep trying to curl their hair while curly haired women constantly seek ways to straighten it.
  • Eat a balanced diet, use good shampoo. And by "good shampoo" I mean one that doesn't have a assload of weird ingredients.
  • Try a van de graff generator and hair spray. You should get volume that rivals anything Phillis Diller ever had. :):)
  • You can blow dry them to add volume to hairs. Try back combing. The other way to get voluminous hair is hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions is a relatively newer method and the best for women with thin or fine hair. As long as you do it right, they can look perfectly natural and beautiful. I know a few people who have them, and I can’t even tell that they have extensions when I look at them.

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