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  • Many women at once or one at a time?
  • I can't speak for any other dudes here, but I definitely wish that I could sleep with a lot more babes than I already have (right around 50). I don't think I will ever really feel like a man until I've done at least 10 more than any other guy I know before I die (which means I have to bang about 300 women and that is going to be f**king impossible now unless they legalize prostitution in my lifetime).
  • Men's approach to sex is generally different from women's approach. Men tend to think about sex more often, to act or at least to want to act for sex more often, and to respond more quickly and easily. Much more so than women. So when you ask if men "seek to sleep with many women" the answer should be that men "want" to sleep with many women...but if "seeking" means making moves or doing something assertive, I suspect most men are less aggressive. I "want" to sleep with many women but I am quite content to limit my sex to my wonderful wife. That doesn't stop my fantasy life but my active life is definitely true to my wife.
  • Out of love for my wife and knowing that it would hurt her I will not sleep with other women. If my wife did not care I would not try to sleep with every woman willing thats for single men that dont know when they will have another chance to have sex. I know I can have sex any time our kids are asleep are away. What I would love to do is to see how sexxy of a woman I could sleep with and try sleeping with the women hardist to get. It is no possable to sleep with to many women are to sleep with a diffrent women to often. For men who want to sleep with as many of the sexxist and hardist to get women their are three sources you cant do with out. david de angelo, conversational hypnosis, and useing body language. watch,read and listen to all at least three times then practice everyday with every woman you meet.

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