• They feel pressured to look like a perfect ten model. I think women put the pressure on their selves to look perfect.
  • Men and their opinions about it.
  • The pressure from society that holds them down as soon as they're born lol.
  • Media.
  • We are programmed that way from a very young age. Society treats us differently depending on how we look, even before we are old enough to understand it. The media constantly blasts us with ideas of how we "should" look & what is considered beautiful. We are partly to blame as individuals though for buying into the media's popular opinion & caring so much about what others think. Logically, I realize this, but have been affected for so many years by outside forces that caring about my looks is almost instinctual at this point.
  • why do you think that the media makes women so obsessed with our bodies?
  • possibly for the same reasons that men are obsessed with their own male bodies +5
  • If men weren't so obsessed with our bodies, we wouldn't have to obsess about our own bodies to get noticed--personally or professionally. Of course, many men AND women alike are perfectly mature and beyond those considerations anyway.
  • because there is always some skank out there that is going to try to steal our men...
  • yes i do i see a bunch of really pretty women all the time but real beauty is inside and love and all that deep shit. most pretty women/men are just stupid and have a bland of superficialness.

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