• no, it is only one
  • I heard that rumor but not about half blood. I heard it about the last movie will be in two parts and they will be released about 1 year apart +5
  • I also heard that it is not as good as the book while I didn't watch the book.I have just watched the movie.It is also excellent.You can also watch it at:
  • I went to see it last weekend, Its actually very good, 2 and a half hours long, some bits are a bit open ended, like Why would Dumbledore drink the water were the Locket Horcrux is?? , but I guess they cant explain it all. The rest has had significant bits left out but it does make sence. I thought It was excellent, looking forward to the last film, which IS in 2 parts according to so thats proberbly where the confusion came from. :)
  • It is not meant to be the Half Blood Prince, the last book will be turned into one film of two halves.

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