• It's a simple 3 step process: 1) Clean them thoroughly with a solution of water and trisodium phosphate (TSP). There's also a greenish-colored TSP substitute that I've used. Use a "Scotchbrite" scrub sponge or equivalent to rough up the surface slightly. 2) Paint the cabinets with a quality primer. Stick to water-based products for ease of cleanup. 3) Paint the cabinets to the desired color. Since it's a bathroom, I recommend semi-gloss paint for ease of cleaning. The Behr brand of paint (available at Home Depot) has consistently placed at the top of Consumer Reports' paint tests, and I've personally had good luck with the brand. Note, however, there is NO SUCH THING as one-coat paint. Thankfully, latex paint dries in 1-4 hours, so recoating is quick. Good luck
  • I am working on bathroom, right now, also, I just got all of the tile laid. When I did my cabinets, I used bix stripper. It was very easy. Just apply the stripper allow it to penetrate, scrap off, then I painted it with Kilz primer, heavy-duty stain and odor coverage. Then you can paint it any color you like. It is worth taking your time and doing it right. Bix Stripper is a flammable, water-soluble, brush on paint remover. This product is specially designed to retard evaporation, which reduces work place exposure and improves performance. This important feature allows the active ingredients to be encapsulated under a product film, which in turn keeps the paint remover wet and keeps it working much longer than comparable products. After most of the coating has been scraped off, the remaining residue stays wet, allowing more time for final clean up. Vapor emissions are substantially reduced making for a safer work environment.

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