• Yes and no. It depends on how you interpret the Bible. If you're a fundamentalist, then you think the world was created 6,000 years ago. If you're like me, then you see the bible as a set of guidelines for life with stories that reflect life choices. The parts that science contradict are mostly there because storytellers have to make it the "Greatest Story Ever Told." A little embellishment makes for a more exciting read.
  • yes all the time
  • They both explain each other.
  • Science contradicts a fully literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis. If you are prepared to accept that Genesis is at best a metaphorical description, and more likely just a folk tale, then science has little argument with the rest of the Bible.
  • Science contradicts itself. What was once understood to be scientifically accurate later is thought to be untrue. At what point in history are we talking about? Scientific opinion and hypotheses and the Bible sometimes do contradict. However, that is because our scientific understanding of the earth, life, and certainly the cosmos are fractional at best. +4.
  • Sure do.
  • The more science advances the closer it gets to the Bible.
  • If you take the Bible literally, then, yes.
  • no, they both address life's questions but from differing angles. the Bible is not a science text book, it is a book of faith, and spirit. a science book, does not teach how to find peace and fulfillment.
  • Yes, if you interpret the bible as fact. If you view the Bible as what it is, a book which is a guide to living an honest life and being a good person, then no, it doesn't.
  • YES they do! The bible is built on untestable faith and unmovable conviction of ideas set in stone. Science in the opposite of that and is constantly changing as testable evidence is expanding and new theories evolve!
  • I think nonnymous and vera city said it best.
  • Not one bit. Take the same data and the outcome depends on your world view. Especially when it comes to events that happened in the past when there was no one to observe the events, except God. I believe the Word of God over the speculation of man.
  • No... They compliment one another rather nicely I think.
  • Science is plausible speculation and the discovery of facts - the bible is a collection of stand alone myths with some slanted history, the two are mutually exclusive of each other.
  • Definitely. And christian science???what is that? It's like grape nuts. It's neither grapes, nor nuts.
  • they complement each other. neither source has all the facts. the bible fills in where science leaves off.
  • yes totally, science believes there is no god and everything exists for a reason, but bible says that is god who made miracles.
  • No, science is coming around. They slowly prove more an more of the bible is true.
  • Not necessarily. There are however, many misconception about what the Bible really teaches. I will show you a few examples, but please take the time to look up these scriptures in your own copy of the Bible. Centuries before the shape of the earth was indicated by Columbus and Magellan, the Bible stated that this planet is not flat but spherical?—Isaiah 40:22. • Long before astronauts had a glimpse of the earth hanging in empty space, the Bible pointed out that it is suspended upon nothing?—Job 26:7. • At least 2,500 years before English physician William Harvey discovered the circulatory system in the human body, the Bible referred to the heart as a fountain, or source, of life?—Proverbs 4:23. • Some 3,000 years ago, the Bible described in simple terms the earth’s water cycle as part of the ecosystem that makes life on earth possible?—Ecclesiastes 1:7. Is it not amazing that these scientific facts were touched on in the Bible long before humans came to understand or discover them? Actually, in it, there is a treasure trove of information vital to life, just waiting for you to discover. Here is a nice link that explains more:
    • Warren
      In proverbs 4:23 it says " keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." That says to me that the issues in life are do to the heart, not blood..

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