• Well, anything that strengthens a part of your body. I recommend 10 minutes stretching, 10 minutes jumproping, 10 minutes body weight.
  • anything that circulates the blood
  • the dr wanted you to get aerobic or muscular exercise? if just wanting you to get moving then just take an easy walk; just start parking as far away as possible when shopping and such it does add up. if he wanted aerobic you need to get your heart rate up a certain percentage and not knowing you health i would not dare suggest a % but you dr. should have told you.
  • Cardio is the most important. Over building muscle .. over any of it. Do some power walking, inclined treadmill walking, regular biking or stationary biking. Get that heart pumping and then work on the rest. Habits are hard to break.. change is even harder but once you get yourself a routine.. you will not want to give it up.
  • Any aerobic activites..walking, running, swimming,they also except that some people may have to do their 30 mintues in 10 mintue sessions..but it has to be aerobic/cardio..not stretching..
  • I personally count stretching to get the remote/bar of chocolate/glass of wine, sex and gossiping as activity! I suppose what the doctor orders is brisk walking/swimming/gym workout/running....

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