• No, I believe it's lack of punishment and parental rules being set and enforced. Parents are the ones who aren't watching their kids or striking enough fear into their hearts to wait til they move out to have kids. Geez...
    • Chicagoan
      Just look at the states with the highest Teen Pregnancy rates - ---- Arkansas - 30.4, Mississippi - 27.8, Louisiana - 27.5, Kentucky - 27.3, Oklahoma - 27.2, West Virginia - 25.4, Texas - 25.3, Tennessee - 25.3, New Mexico - 25.3, Alabama - 25.2, Basically, a list of the Bible-belt, republican-moron Red States. THE SOUTH! Go figure. A total lack of values -- that's where you have your highest teen pregnancy rates! Where the Bible is strong, and EDUCATION is not important.
  • Yep, lack of education on how to prevent it. And, I can't prove it or give you any statistics. Those I have seen vary and it is a hot subject with lots of emotional content.
    • Chicagoan
      "I can't prove it or give you any statistics." I CAN - THEY ARE RIGHT HERE: The TOP TEN STATES with the highest Teen Pregnancy rates: Arkansas - 30.4, Mississippi - 27.8, Louisiana - 27.5, Kentucky - 27.3, Oklahoma - 27.2, West Virginia - 25.4, Texas - 25.3, Tennessee - 25.3, New Mexico - 25.3, Alabama - 25.2, Basically, a list of the Bible-belt, republican-moron Red States. THE SOUTH. Exactly what you expect from an area that hates real education and is all about the Bible.
  • No, I believe that it is due to penetration.
  • Partly due to lack of education if the "can I get pregnant if I have oral sex?" questions we see on here are anything to go by. But, I think it is also down to parental example - parents should be ready to give advice to their kids before they start having sex. We might not like that fact that our kids have sex but that isn't going to stop it happening so we shold be ready to tell them how to stay safe. Also, society should make it as easy as possible for young people to get condoms etc without embarrassment so that gradually we remove all excuses for getting caught out.
  • .. im a teen, and trust me, we get TOO much education on the subject.. which probably makes us think we know everything.. hense forth, have sex. :) I believe its due too the parents :)
  • Not a lack of education, a lack of common sense and a lack of parental guidance. There is no reason in the world any girl should have an unplanned pregnancy with the exception of sex without consent.
  • I think that it's one of many contributing factors. Studies have shown that the biggest factor is the fathers role in the daughters life. Girls need that relationship and if it's not there they'll often go out and try to find it elsewhere.
  • Based on many of the pregnancy questions I've seen on here, lack of education definately plays a part - not as big a part as horny teens, but it contributes.
  • i think most of them are getting too much education about sex techniques and that makes them want to try them. they need more contraception advertising. for example, all the magazines that girls read are full of sex techniques and ways to have 'better' sex and not much about different ways to protect themselves from diseases and getting pregnant.
  • You win more hearts with honey than vinegar; parents love your kids so much they don't want to disappoint you. Love works so much better than punishment or threat. Teach them too, but love them first. School programs won't work because kids just don't buy into them. They always say, "I'm different. It won't happen to me." Parents need to make the difference.
  • It's obvious that lack of education is a huge factor. Do you still believe it isn't?
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaa i do think it is due lack of education
  • Yes. If their minds were occupied with achieving something in life, they would not be concentrating on boys.
  • No, probably a lack of brain mass. They can't see past their noses to see consequences of their actions. I'm certain they know their sex organs are for reproduction.
  • nope, its only because we tend to make mistakes everytime. education cant do much with this unless one should realise that its not right to have such a relation or its too early.
  • Sex education is only one component. It ain't enough to know how to screw around without getting preggers, or how not to get AIDS. Knowing and doing are two very different things. A bigger component is parental discipline, and the self-discipline that arises from it. The sort of permissive parenting that shields the kiddies from any/all bad consequences that arise from bad choices/actions guarantees adult ferals at worst, and Peter Pans at best.
  • Good question. No, I believe it's over sexualization in the media, and peer pressure.
  • As someone born to a teenage mother I would say it is definitely a contributory factor.
  • I never believed that. However: now that you bring it up, I expect that some teen pregnancy is due to that.
  • Education, and parents not instilling a sense of responsibility to their children.
  • Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano (Attorney - Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm), an expert in the “formation of offshore companies" says, yes lack of education is one of the concern for teen pregnancy, however, we need to consider other factors as well like parental behavior etc
  • I believe it's due to a father not being in the home. little girls need their dads and little boys need their moms.
  • No. It is due to a lack of self-control on the teen's part. However, sometimes the parent is just as at fault as the teen for not taking the time to explain things to their kid.
  • nope ..they are well taught .in the first place movies tell kids to sleep with guys at a young age ..they think they are not normal if they dont have sex in high school..but they must be really dumb to not know today how NOT to get pregnant
  • No - it's irresponsibility and a lack of self-respect. Compare today's generation with that of the 1950s and you can see a stark difference. It was around the 1960s when things began to change for the worse - the decade of "free love" and prolific drug use. A generation later, you're looking at legalizing drugs and abortions on every street corner - their parents taught them well.
  • No, I never did believe that. I always thought it was from too much "uncovered" sexual activity.
  • No its entirely due to a lack of self discipline & self control. exactly the same reasons I became a teen age father back in the dinosaur days when we lived in caves..
  • To some degree it is.

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