• its 10:10 in most time shown on tv i dont know why but its just the time that they chose
  • 10:10 is not always shown, but it is common. 10:10 might be a common time to display because: # It is symmetrical and balanced. # It allows people to see both hands clearly. # The hands don't (in most cases) obscure the watch face [such as chronograph]. Not only that, what Gypsystar7 wrote seems correct. It does make the watches look happy and smiling! See the images below for an example:
  • it makes the clock face look like it is smiling and happy
  • It actually started with TIMEX to have the hands border the company name on the watch face. Just one of those oddball trivia things you pick up playing trivial pursuit. :)
  • It is to pay tribute to the people who died in Hiroshima Nagasaki during the nuclear bomb attacks. It happened exactly at 10.10 and many watches or clocks found after the attack showed the time as 10:10, the watches had stopped due to the impact.
  • Hands positioned 10.10 looks like any of big flying bird, especially eagle. And it might be the expression of the success.
  • I've been looking at buying a Casio G-shock watch and all of their digital/analog watches show exactly SUN 6-30, 10:08:36. The analog watches show the same time but the seconds hand is at 0 even though the minutes hand is half way between 10:08 and 10:09. All of their digital watches show SUN 6-30, 10:58:50. I assume that all the watches are photographed without batteries, the analog watches are adjusted to show the same time and the digital watches are photoshopped to show the same time.
  • 10:10 makes a V shape on the clock which signifies Victory. This will throw a good impression on spectators.
  • some where i once heard the greatest ever american president was shot dead at that time. he is real gentle man who is the greatest example for failure man who claimed success with hard work and persistence... inorder of his memory an hard work its displayed as 10.10
  • its linked to Former US president Abraham Lincoln.
  • I heard that it is the death time of Patek Phillipy. And because of this reason the time will be specified 10.10 in many watches.

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