• I build computers. I repair my own, my families, my friends, coworkers. sometimes I just HATE computers. You would think manufacturers could do a better job meeting standards of function and quality.
  • I would have to take it to a repair shop. I had a bad experience with a neighbour of my friend he sold me a dud laptop and I returned it and he docked a bit of money I had paid for it - I'd only had it a week and the hard drive broke down and he said after diagnostics that it had been doing so for quite awhile.
  • I do my own
  • I've had to dismantle computers in the past to upgrade components. If I knew for sure what the fault was I would find out online how easy it was to access the part to remove it. Then if I thought I could handle it, I would order the replacement part online and fit it myself.
  • i fix other people's computers for $$$$$
  • I do my own. Occasionally I do jobs for friend, but that is rare since most of my friends are as tech-savvy as me. I would never consider doing it for strangers as a job because I would wind up weeding the less intelligent people from the gene pool and then going to prison. "It's not a cup-holder!!!"
  • I have friends that i can take them too. +5

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