• It takes more than blood to make a father.
  • I recently got that opportunity. I was suprised at how I dealt with it, I had always imagined it being different - but no bitching at him, no telling him what he did to me, no shouting, no bragging about how I am in a better place than him, nothing like I could have imagined. No negative vibes directed at him at all. Felt sorry for him actually, and was just civil to him and that was it. I felt nothing. I guess I moved past it some how.
  • Not. . . . .one. . . . .DAMNED. . . . . .thing!
  • Probably nothing, you know the old saying "vengance is a dish best served cold"
  • "thank you for making me stronger" And "thank you for making me realize how much better of a person I am than you"
  • NO one can hurt me.
  • hey *******, i will never understand how you could have treated me so bad and still live with yourself. i gave and gave and you took and stole. i am glad you are in prison and hope you get but* raped every night and think of my crying face as tears stream down your own face. oh btw i do forgive you but there are consequences for your actions, i would then blow a kiss and say enjoy your consequences, as a dude plunged in.
  • "I'll get the trash.", "What's that? The lawn needs to be mowed?", "Will you be taking them to school or do I need to?"
  • I'm still dealing with my feelings, so I would cuss and call them a name (which I never call names) acting completely immature, and then say I would pray for them (which is true). I like some of the other answers better. Maybe I'll grow up regarding this one person.
  • One day you will stop breathing. During your last ten conscious breaths, I know, you will feel fear. The kind of fear that is unfathomable. Knowing that you will feel this, is the ~only~ thing that causes me to liberate myself and forgive you.
  • I would forgive him/her n jus giv a hug..tell them tht i had some happy moments wid them which will always be in my heart...n this is the only damn reason to forgive them..lets be happy for atleast the last minute we spent together..
  • Probably tell them how happy I am in my life now. I would nothing else to say to them -- I would not give them the satisfaction.
  • happy?
  • I would not recommend such a meeting because I did with two ladies who were abusing me quite brutally when they were elder girls and I a little boy. Both were nothing but extremely bored and said that it could not have been bad for me. It was nothing but frustrating because both were strictly defending their attitude and what they did. No way to an excuse and not even the slightest understanding of my position. The better you try to deal with it.
  • i would tell him that he is evil and that what he does ruins other peoples lives.And that i'm blessed to not have them in my life anymore to abuse me.

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