• This is a very difficult question. Rape is a very tramatic experience for a woman and the emotional impact can be devastating. Having to live with that devastation for 9-months and then bring a person into the world that you would see day after day and might serve as a reminder of the horrific crime, is more than I think God would want. But, God will see to it that what ever happens in our life is not more than we can endure. I am pro-life, but I would not expect a woman to keep a pregnancy that was forced on her by rape.
  • I would think so, seeing as in that situation they weren't even given the choice whether or not to have sex, so it's not their fault if they end up pregnant. Personally I believe all rapists should be executed on the spot, and maybe even in public as a warning to others, but I digress. While I would rather them simply give the baby away, I believe it completely acceptable and understandable that someone would not want to have a child as a result of rape.
  • I think murdering an unborn child just as bad as raping someone.... so yes, in my's wrong.
  • Yes it is.
  • Yes, a victim of rape did not choose to get pregnant. Over time I realized that a woman knows what is best for her; she is the one pregnant and not me. In other words, if the woman is okay with abortion then I am okay with abortion. Short of harming herself, I can not tell a women what to do with her body. Women have been treated as second-rate for far too long; indeed, let them Roar! :)
  • If I smack you around, is it okay for you to kill your 5 year old son?
  • I do NOT think so since we have the MORNING AFTER Pill . +5
  • I think people ought to keep their big mouths shut on this issue. Those who have never gone through something so traumatic and life-changing, have no right to stand on a pedestal and pontificate to those who have.
    • Linda Joy
      They didn't. They asked a question with no leanings either way!
  • Yes, no woman should be required to bring her rapists child into the world against her will.
  • The experience is traumatic for two separate individuals. Rape is an unfortunate tragedy, but it doesn't have to result in an abortion if the mother doesn't want the child. The rape victim didn't ask for it, but the child didn't ask to be created, either - there is no reason to take it out on the child. Abortion is murder any way you look at it. The "my body, my choice" assertation is nothing but justification for selfishness. It loses validity when your "choice" involves snuffing out another human life. Millions of couples who can't have children are begging to adopt.
  • is not the babies fault..adopt it out to some one that cares
  • Even when abortion was illegal it was allowed in cases of rape, incest, or physical danger to the mother. I would not speak to what someone else should or should not do. I haven't lived their life. I would not abort. If I found I couldn't love the child I would give it up for adoption.
  • Its okay for any reason. Life doesn't owe you happiness, fairness or an explanation. There are no guarantees in life. 😏
  • No. Simply: it's not OK to kill someone who does not deserve death. Not even if that someone is inconvenient. Not even if that someone is annoying. Not even if that someone is making your life more difficult than you would wish. When does someone "deserve" death? Either by (just) legal sentencing or because they are willfully (aggressively) an imminent threat to the lives of you and/or your loved ones or fellows.

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