• try hanging upside down outside a train and going through a loong tunnel. why? i dont know, in either case id just get sick
  • It feels like travelling at the speed of light.
  • Wow! It is out of this world and so would you be if you were travelling at light speed. It is so enlightening to see light bending and changing hues. Why, it makes you jump out of your shoes!
  • Well, according to Einstein, I'd feel like you were getting crushed to death because you'd have infinity mass. However, if you go with warping space theories, then it would feel like it does going very fast and that would be subject to gravitational forces around you, meaning that you'd feel less effect out in space and more effect on a planet.
    • ReiSan
      Warp speed is just fictional deus ex machine from "Star Trek".
  • well since time slows or stops. im sure it would feel like a long long trip.
    • ReiSan
      No, it would be instantaneous to you. Matter cannot travel near the speed of light of course.
  • You'd have no perceptual reference, no? It'd be like standing still. Only I think you'd be immensely larger! ;-)
  • No different than any fast travel; like on an airplane traveling 500 MPH plus. Just like sitting in your living room.
  • Impossible in real life, but feasible in a computer simulation: A tour through the city center of Tübingen illustrates what we should see when moving at such a high speed." -- This is absolutely amazing. A must see.
  • If you contain a space ship within an envelope of non-space (antimatter) you can travel at speeds in excess of the speed of light and would feel just the same as you do now.
    • ReiSan
      Matter and antimatter explode violently upon contact making a hydrogen bomb seem to be a firecracker in comparison.
    • kaetalist
      Yes I know, but not if you derive enough energy from the reaction itself to mange their containment.
  • That depends on what how u choose to travel. As stated above or to just realize we are traveling already at the speed of light personified by light. Osara
  • I am one of the "no one{s}" just letting you know I hear you. I understand there are a few other questions that also do not have answers that can be proven by no one absolutely.
  • Like standing still perhaps?
  • others gave you good real answers. that's all dependent on inertial dampeners being feasible. in Star Trek, of course, I can only think of 2 situations where they exceeded light speed: in The Voyage Home they saw pictures of their own heads formed out of the clouds and a Chuck-like montage of history. In Voyager Lt Paris & Captain Janeway experienced rapid evolution and turned into giant salamanders. We certainly can't discount any of this scientific evidence.
  • It all goes by in such a flash! You are to the next place faster than you ever thought was possible! +5
  • It feels good. Prove it to me if I'm wrong!
  • I hear it would hurt, what with the tiny objects in space hurtling through you.
  • It makes me feel fat.
  • yes its true you never know until you go through all looks impossible to travel at such speed.
  • Light as a feather ;)
  • Your perception would be normal. At least until you disassociated into Cherenkov Radiation. Then you would simply become your soul. Lost in the infinity of space and time.
  • Because you still use human perception it seems instant.
  • We will never be able to travel even near the speed of light. Infinite energy is required to accelerate matter to the speed of light, and that is impossible to achieve. For matte at the speed of light, inertial mass and time intervals become infinite, while time passage and length in direction of travel become zero. Think deeply about all of that.
  • Why is there a need for an answer?

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