• Tell him I have fantasy of the same sort, but with another man....and I want them to do it. If I fullfill his fantasy, he can fullfill mine. Well see if we do either...LoL.
  • As long as it stays a fantasy, it is OK. Tell him to stop watching porno films.
  • this IS my husbnads fantasy, or anything which involves hiom having sex with other women. He knows where the door and the courthouse are. My fantasy is to watch him give head to another man (swallowing required) so he doesnt push the issue too much. Itas AMAZING how their perspective chnages when YOU want THEM to do something they dont wanna do.
  • Threesome with another guy? Raincheck.
  • Sometimes, fantasy is much better than the reality. Part of being mature is to enjoy fantasizing without needing to experience it. I do not like the idea of a threesome with a man that I am serious with, however, I will try to stimulate his mind by sharing his fantasy and perhaps talking about having an imaginary threesome and describe in details what is being done. Or I'd watch a movie with him that may involve threesome.
  • Nothing. Everyone has fantasies.
  • I once had a friend-lover who let me know that she was interested in a male friend of mine. I had a brainstorm, which I didn't mention to either of them. I knew that my friend, the other guy, was hot for her. So one evening I brought the two of them to my house for a quiet party. . . . My male friend and I sat on the couch, and she lay across our laps. After a while we moved to my bedroom. [Remarkable things happened, which I'll omit here] When the morning light filtered in, we all went to breakfast together. I dropped the two of them off together and went home happy in the knowledge that I had done a good deed. They were a couple for several years afterwards.  
  • I'd be very disappointed in him. That would make him someone I didn't know very well. He would never have become my S/O had I known he had that inside him..never. Happy Saturday! :)
  • whoopeeeee!
  • Tell him to keep dreaming!! It is not that it would be with another woman, that doesn't bother me. What would bother me is if he would want to share me - or be intimate with anybody else. That is effectively cheating with consent in my books and that isn't what I want out of a suposedly committed relationship. If we were having something very casual, then that may be a different story.
  • Good thing it is just a fantasy.....I don't share.
  • Tell him I loved him and only him in that way. If he felt the need to sleep with others he knows where the door is.
  • That is normal. What would I do about it? Well, that depends on how I feel at the time.
  • I'd tell her to consider leaving me and finding someone who better suits her fantasy. That is something that would never happen.
  • That is one of his fantasies...along with almost every other male on the planet...and I'm bisexual, so not totally against the idea!
  • I'm afraid that fantasy would remain just that... a fantasy.
  • I won't do nothing or say anything. They say if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  • I'd tell him to keep dreamin cause it aint gonna happen!
  • a fantasy is just that, but now if my s/o wants to make this fantasy a reality i say have a nice life without me, bye.
  • Why not as long as we can try a 3som with her same gender
  • I don't have an s/o but if I did and she told me her fantasy was to do me and another dude that would be the last day she would be my so. She's be dropped quicker than a scalding hot potato.

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