• Yes, i think gives you freedom to do what you want..:)
  • It can, but it doesn't mean you will be happy.
  • no, not necessary!
  • if not it can buy a damn good imitation. Can't remember who said this "If money can't buy happiness I would rather be miserable in maximum comfort."
  • Well, Im usually happier when I have money. So...I would have to say YES!!
  • it depends on the person doesnt it.if you money is a piece of paper but always remember where you came from because if you do not you may find your self without and back to where you started just to let you know where u started!
  • I think the opposite is more likely for most! ;-)
  • Yes, it can make me happy. :)
  • It will contribute to the happiness. But the thing that makes me happiest is to be a Mom. It's a highest value of all in life for me. I have always wanted to have a child and I could not due to a health issue. When we adopted our daughter and I became Mom, and make my child happy, it makes me happier than ever, happier than having a lot of money. :)
  • any money would make me happy. i have $4.44 in my bank account... but as my mother says "dont stress abotu it, your only young!!" ehhh i cant help but stress about it haha i wish i had lots in my savings =[
  • hmmm tough question, i actually think if someone put a million pound in my bank account, id be so miserable id just kill myself
  • Yes. I'd be extremely happy to be financially stable and be out of debt. And to have a place of my own.
  • YES YES YES...of course having a lot of money can make you happy. Whoever says that "Money can't buy happiness" Never had the problem of being in poverty
  • In the sense that it would alleviate stress.
  • On ly if you choose to be happy. Of course, you can make the same choice without it as well.
  • Sure woulk kinda help!
  • Yes, having a lot of money would make me happy but may not make me joyful.
  • I don't know!!!! Go ahead & send me some. And I'll let you know my answer in a year or two.......LOL Really tho... I don't think just having a lot of money, would make you happy. But having it & knowing how to use it wisely might.
  • Nope. As you need to employ more security and be more suspicious of friends and family trying to knock you off for your money. I know a couple of uber rich people and they have unenviable lifestyles. They cannot just "walk down to the shops" as you and I can. They also have the livelihoods of hundreds (maybe even thousands) to worry about. If you have a half assed day at work, nobody cares and and worst you get written up and some pay docked. For the ultra wealthy a bad day can mean companies and countries going bust with the loss of hundreds of jobs. It's a bigger responsibility with that big paycheck.
  • It's what you can do with the money that makes you happy. But you don't need money to be happy.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      There's just no truth to that last statement. If you have no money you will be in ill health, homeless, hungry, dressed in rags, And you wont be able to afford whats needed to be able to better your situation either. You'll be stuck, and miserable, AND ALONE...And because if you're a guy, or a woman who isn't young AND gorgeous, you'll never have a date or a family. You'll never have ANYTHING. You wont get to self fulfill, and republicans will encourage dumb people to spit at you.
    • Linda Joy
      There's actually no truth to your statement whatsoever. I was without money for 2 years, never once went without food clothing shelter Medical Care and yes I was even after age 50 asked out on dates.
    • Linda Joy
      When are you going to admit that it's not your circumstances but your attitude that cause you misery and pain?
  • If that's all you got no. I know some unhappy rich folk and very happy poor folk(monetarily). Happiness, true happiness is more about whats on the inside.
  • Psalm 1:1-3 tells us how and where we can find happiness. "Happy is the man who does not walk according to the advice of the wickedAnd does not stand on the path of sinnersAnd does not sit in the seat of scoffers..."
  • Did Jesus tell you to ask that question?
  • If you don't have enough money, you can certainly be unhappy. I think once you have enough money to pay the bills and live comfortably, you'll be happy. Anything beyond that won't necessarily add to your happiness.

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