• Get down! *Exactamundo*, shemarq! ;-)
  • I agree, I often think we should start a website just for these people. Oh, wait. There IS a website about pregnancy and sexual health. :O Maybe they should get automatically redirected when they try to ask an "Am I pregnant" question.
  • That's why I usually recommend that they read my book:
  • No it's not just you I feel the same way. I don't understand how they expect us to know as to whether or not they are indeed pregnant. There was one recently who said that she wasn't taking the pill, was having unprotected sex hadn't seen her period for months and wanted to know could she be pregnant, it is getting ridiculous, I just ignore these questions now.
  • They started out months ago bearable but everyday they are getting totally more unbearable. There is no way with as much education available these women can not know what causes pregnancy. I think it's for attention. It's becoming trollish behavior but people still continue to feed it. The sad part is I have seen adults tell teens that yes you can get pregnant by oral sex and how scary is that?
  • OMG! Am I PREGNANT???????????? LOL
  • I find it really quite worrying. This is basic sex education, stuff I had been told before I even hit 11 ... Sometimes I assume these kids are brainwashed and taught abstinence over sex education at school and by their parents, there is just no other good reason for it.
  • LoL.......How would I know if they are pregnant?!?! LOL!!! cracks me up.
  • BRAVO!!! Those questions are completely INANE!! People having unprotected sex - with all the information out there these day - are really morons.
  • Sadly, very few of us know things we've never been taught. Much like I have NO idea how an automobile works. I know some of the parts involved, and some of the fluids that are necessary... but I don't know how it all fits together to make a working vessel. Most kids these days are NOT learning about sex and procreation from their parents. That, added to increased pressure from the conservative political communities against instructing on use of contraceptives in public schools and sex education in general, leads to a great number of 'tweens and teens learning all they know about sex from popular media. Popular media is not a great teacher of facts or responsibility.
  • Of course everyone should understand their own bodies, but it is a fact of life that we all have different intellectual levels. Give people that ask these questions a bit of latitude, they may actually be interested in knowledge.
  • Dont have sex if you're not ready to become a parent is my life philosophy on that. Sex is for making babies, so even if you actually do take the pill and use protection you can get pregnant. Unfortunately it seems kiddoes these days have forgotten how babies are made? No they do not come with the stork...

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