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  • She plays with her ass a lot. She doesn't even care that she's in a public place. She'll stick her arm done the back of her pants to finger bang her ass.
  • Well when making out with her or something, try feeling in her ass. If she reacts positively towards it, chances are she likes anal.
  • maybe she'll own or buy an anal toy
  • write the question down, ask her to write a reply....might just be a passion killer tho...or rim her...if she slaps the face off you...thats maybe a no
  • During foreplay AFTER you have played with her vaginal area, move your hand/finger back there. Tease her with a finger gently at her anus and see what happens. If she flinches away then no... if she remains there, looks at you or arches her back to make it more accessible then yes, gently go up her and see how she reacts. If she seems embarrassed tell her how much you admire that part of her... She may relax and enjoy it more. Do this AFTER you are done with her vaginal area... It is NOT a good idea to go the other way around and bring feces in from her anus to her vaginal area. Also when you are done, wash your hands...
  • Start really gently, arouse her first with your tongue then gently insert a finger, taking your time to ensure she relaxes and enjoys the sensation, Gradually increase the amount of fingers, taking your time with each addition, if you get 3 fingers in it's a pretty good bet your dick will be allowed ;-)

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