• I still enjoy them! I like Spongebob, which I didn't have when I was little. I had Scooby Doo. Ahhh....the classics :) +5
  • I still do
  • I am 47, I will let you know when I stop.
  • I am 36 and I love to watch Boomerang - Alone or with my son! I think kids get to an age where it is "uncool" for awhile and then all of the sudden it is "cool" again. That age depends on each individual child.
  • I don't think there is any exact age where people stop watching cartoons. I know my teenagers still "secretly" watch cartoons in their rooms on rainy Saturday mornings. I agree with Mojha-Moe, when kids get to the teen years they will begin to think it's uncool to watch cartoons, but they know they still love them. Then, when they get older and don't give what people think, they watch whatever they want. It really depends on the person. Some hate cartoons all their life, some love them all their life. Hope this helps.
  • Never. I love Boomerang.
  • My daughter is 22 and she still watches a lot of cartoon type shows, especially the adult based ones like the Simpsons and The Family Guy.

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