• Become unemotional, unresponsive, a type of state of mind hard to get into. Usually society and media do the desensitize, making everything look normal (as if chaos was). Being cynical does it for me too.
  • You make jokes about anything. Find someone sheepish to follow along with you ant tell him / her "I hate you and I hope you die in a bucket of cancer." When s/he reacts with shock and dismay, say "Oh, c'mon! Don't be so thin skinned! Who the hell dies in a bucket of cancer anyway? What would that even look like?" Then laugh about it.
  • Sometimes Grey Goose will help! Feb. 01
  • watch reality tv, horror movies, become adept to horror, crime, sexual taboos, murder, death. get yourself used to it, become ignorant of its real force in the world. Watch it until you no longer feel that pit in your stomach, enough so youre reaction to the media is less emotional and more rational. find positives in the death of others, follow stereotypes created ignorantly to manipulate us. pretty much become a sheep who doesnt react to horrific things. remain in the grey area, not pertaining to light or darkness

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