• My kids do, thank God someone does. God does for sure
  • god does
  • Psalms 34:15 tells us that God’s eyes are upon the righteous. The devil is also observing us so as to attack us according to our weaknesses (1 Peter 5:8). In answer to your question, the devil is always watching, God is only watching if you are doing his will and living accordingly to his standards.
    • Percussion
      Yes, but thank God he reminds us not to be slack but to be alert. The Lord is so good and gve me a reminder just last week. But as always he also gives me a soft place to land.
  • God, Ali, Michelle, Tammy, Brice, Liesl, Robbie, Shane. The staff at the VA hospital, Regena, Darius, Mike, Ronald, Rita, Lin and Jaquiline. A few online friends look after me and help me out. And my social worker from First Light checks in about once a month. Thank you for this question. Its a list I hadn't really thought about making and didn't realize was so long! I'm well loved!
  • my sister.
  • Thanks for your answers!
  • Me, myself, and I watch out for me. We argue and fight some but usually we work things out for our best interest.
  • God and my spiritual family.

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