• Most importantly, I don't think any pro-choicer would ever marry a pro-lifer. Just think of the deep-rooted differences in there. I couldn't see it in a million years, particulary, if the pro-choicer got knocked up...ha ha!
  • Marry somebody who's willing to kill one of our kids because it's a bad time in her career? Put me down for NO.
  • If she's thinks killing babies is OK, how could I ever trust her to be at home alone with out kids? What if the baby won't stop crying or something? Definitely not.
  • I couldn't live with a person life that. I can't imagine feeling that a woman is sweet and loving yet willing to snuff out the life of a child. The two are incompatible to me.
  • No, but I have been able to convince a couple people that abortion is killing an innocent person and they now personally reject it. If she could be convinced, then I might consider her.
  • Not a chance.
  • My boyfriend is pro choice, and I am pro life but he would never want me to kill our child. He never wanted kids until he was with me, and now he is very happy about possibly becoming a father. He totally understands that I could never take the life of my baby, and would never ask me to.
  • No. It would be necessary that he share my belief on important issues like this one.
  • I think not. If she'd take out a little baby, as soon as I piss her off, she might kill me too.
  • I fell inlove with a man and hen, hrough some sort of conversation found out that he was pro-choice. His moher is pro-choice and all previous girlfriends so I think he took on his poin of view without knowing what he was truly agreeing with. After lengthy heated coversations and some actual thought ,his point of view changed. I am happy o say that after 6 children and a 20 year marriage he is very pro life. I couldn't live with a man who supported abortion in any way.
  • No this is one issue where we both have to be in complete agreement.
  • No, we have to be in agreement on very big choices like that, we are blessed that that is not even an issue
  • Why would I marry somebody who would be willing to kill our kids?
  • How in the world am I supposed to bring up kids with somebody who thinks they're cancerous tumors and parasites, as they keep saying? I'd be a nervous wreck that she might just get sick of dealing with our little parasites one day.
  • No. The bible says to not be unevenly yoked together with unbelievers (if you become a christian after marriage, you stay married as divorce is an abomination to the Lord) but I would never marry a non-christian and therefore I would never marry someone who is pro-abortion (let's just call a spade a spade, there is no such thing as pro-choice it's just putting a dress on a pig, pro-choice means you think abortions are okay to have which makes you pro-abortion.) Abortion is the murder of a child. I'm also against murder of teenagers, murder of the elderly, murder of deformed people, murder of people because of their race or nationality......Hey, murder is MURDER. If you're pro-abortion you might as well be pro-Hitler and pro-genocide and pro-Columbine. Stop thinking everything needs to be so politically correct, can't have a strong opinion or someone else might get upset, etc...take a stand for the innocent.
  • I'm married already, but for the sake of the Because if I had a surprise pregnancy and he told me that he's not ready to have kids, he'll probably suggest that I kill our child. It's really hard to have a good relationship with someone unless you are in agreement with the deepest subjects: Religion, politics, abortion, animal rights, racism, etc... not to say that you couldn't get along with someone that doesn't agree with your views...but it's a challenge :S
  • I stongly believe abortion is wrong however my husband believes there isn't anything wrong with abortion. We don't agree with each other big deal.There are many thing we don't agree on. Just cause you're married dosn't mean youre gonna agree with everything your husband/wife thinks.
  • Yes, I did.
  • Yep, I did.
  • Everyone keeps saying "why would I be with someone willing to kill our kids" That is such a ridiculous assumption. If you marry this person you should have made sure they wanted kids in the first place. Just because someone is pro-choice doesn't mean they're wishy washy and one day want kids and the next day don't want kids. That's not how it works. When someone is pro-choice, it means they think the mother has the right to CHOOSE what to do with her pregnancy, it doesn't mean they never want to have children. Comparing the two is insulting. To answer your question: Yes. Someone's political and/or religious views isn't going to make me love them any less or fear that they would want to terminate my pregnancy. I mean, come on, do you know how many pro-choicers are parents. For christ's sake.
  • Yes, My kids are grown and I dont want anymore.
  • H to the no! A woman who's cool with killing her own child for convenience sake is capable of doing anything. How in the world could I trust her alone with the baby if I convinced her not to abort?
  • Marry a killer? No thanks.

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