• Many parents resist acknowledging the REAL cause of their problems. 98% of the time, the CAUSE is "the person in the mirror." It is more convenient to blame someone else, for their own failures. +5
  • Its because the teachers blame the parents for the same...and so they blame each other.
  • They either or feel ill equipped to teach their children since they themselves may be poorly educated. They themselves may not understand what it means have good parental discipline and cannot therefore give it to their children. The problem is not the problem. The problem is that solid, stable families are growing fewer and further between and the children are the casualties.
  • Because finding a scapegoat is much easier than acknowledging your own flaws.
  • because teachers are trained to take kids from any environment and make them geniuses, eventhough the parents can barely add. Since society can't control what the parents do at home with their children, they can control what teachers do and blame them for poor results. They even threaten their jobs if the students aren't successful. If parents only knew how much many of them should have never been parents. They blame everyone else for their child's problems. Many times these children come fro their parents having teen sex and having kids at 16 and 17. This saying is valid: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • It's human nature to deny that there could be anything wrong with you or your family. Problems HAVE to be someone else's fault.
  • Because this society has taught us to always blame someone...... & unfortunately parents seem to be the last one's to realise when things are their fault.
  • There are times when it is actually the teacher's fault. There are teachers who expect you to learn THEIR way, or they treat you like you are stupid. Go ahead and disbelieve me, but there are times it does happen. I've even had teachers like that. It has nothing to do with not wanting to learn. You think I didn't want to learn? I did want to learn. I still do want to learn. I love learning. Those teachers just didn't help me at all, even if I asked. I go to a new school now and it's more appropriate for my learning style. I didn't do all too well in the regular school system. This is a note to everyone who wants to learn and doesn't learn how the regular school system teaches you: There is a way out. Alternative schools. You aren't stupid if you want to go to one and you aren't stupid if you end up in one. Go to a school where you can succeed, no matter what other people think of you for going there.

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